Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Victories Mean Nothing"

They're now saying that Trump's primary victories MEAN NOTHING. Oh? If that's true, why did they spend $billions and all that wasted time HOLDING the primaries? They'll do ANYTHING, say anything to “set the stage” for the screwing they intend for Trump. I'm not a big Trump fan, but I'm getting sick and tired of watching the GOP commit political suicide in their effort to “get rid of” a candidate they can't control. Even to the extent of guaranteeing a Democrat victory.

BILL DOING THE UNSPEAKABLE: Bill Clinton told the truth at a Democrat rally. He gave the “Black Lives Matter” gang hell for ignoring “black on black crime.” He didn't get into the fact that the whole “Black on Black” bunch are PROMOTING the drive to kill cops from ambush. But that's what arises out of the BLM movement. The “Black Lives Matter bunch denies the existence of “black on black crime,” like good liberals when we can SEE it DOES exist, and it's obvious.

NO KIDDING! The EU now admits that millions of Islamic terrorists are emigrating to Europe in the guise of “Syrian refugees.” Isn't it nice that the EU now admits what we've been telling them for months? And what they've been ignoring, while those terrorists harass truck drivers on the road, rape many, females AND males (they'll screw anything that moves—and some that DON'T move—and they call US corrupt) and cause as much trouble as they can, both legal and illegal.

WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER”: Not to the “Black Lives Matter” fools, anyway. Which is why they react violently any time anybody suggests that ALL lives matter. Now they're actively PROMOTING killing whites. I've said it before: the “new racism” is black hating white racism, and is much more virulent than the old racism. They're trying to get as many white people killed as possible, and cops, too, of whatever color.

SUSPENDING THE ELECTION”? A rumor is going around that Obama is going to “suspend” the 2016 election. Frankly, I don't think he has the power to do that. And if he tries—or TAKES it--he should be immediately arrested for treason. If he does, and nobody does anything about it, there WILL be a revolution. To do that is declaring he IS a dictator and nobody can remove him from office. That will CALL for a revolution. I only hope the Constitution specifically prohibits him from doing it, and somebody who can, does something about it. So we can avoid a second American revolution, this time against our own president.

HILLARY'S “SPECIAL”: They're making a big laugh out of her having to try FIVE TIMES to swipe her card to get on the subway in New York City while IGNORING the fact that she broke the law when she got on the train while campaigning all the way to her destination, which is ILLEGAL. And which she did in full view of the local politicians, and the cops, who were there to “protect” her from all those illegal gun-wielding criminals. Oh, I forgot. There are LAWS against criminals having guns in NYC. Surely none of them would disobey them, right? But for Hillary, laws and regs are only “suggestions,” right? She's “speshul!” In her own mind, at least.

COMMUNISM AND CAPITALISM THE SAME”: At least, that's what our illustrious president thinks. Which shows his COMPLETE IGNORANCE of what a president needs to know in order to do his job. Communism is based on STEALING from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of the “drones” of society who produce NOTHING. Capitalism is based on those producing new wealth being able to PROFIT from their ideas and labors without the drones stealing any of it. If he doesn't know that, he has no business being president.

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