Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why Does He Keep Winning?

WHY DOES HE KEEP WINNING? Ted Cruz, and other Republican “establishment” members keep saying MOST Republicans don't want Trump to win. Why then, does he keep on winning Republican primaries by large margins? At least, the ones in which the PEOPLE get to vote, not in Colorado, where only the Republican establishment bigwigs voted. The fact is, the PEOPLE want Trump. The Republican establishment doesn't. So they spread the LIE, hoping by repeating it over and over, to make it come true. When the PEOPLE vote, he wins.

TOO MANY GUNS: Hillary says, “We have too many guns in our homes.” That's right. It makes it that much more dangerous for the thugs to use THEIR guns to rob and murder us. I can't believe people like that can even THINK about getting elected in a country that GUARANTEES us the right to be armed, and to defend ourselves. Bernie feels much the same, in addition to being a socialist/communist. Would-be dictators all want to disarm us. The easier to subjugate us.

STOSSEL HAS LUNG CANCER: Damn! We need MORE people like him reporting and commenting on the news in this country, not less. I hope he can beat it. I was distressed after another Fox news commentator/White House Press Secretary died of Cancer, and this just makes things worse. The liberals will make snarky comments about this. They have no respect for ANYBODY who disagrees with their “flights of fancy” they call “policies.”

REQUIRING A CONVICTION: I've always thought the RICO laws that did NOT require a conviction for any crime to allow the cops to confiscate (steal) people's property was against the Constitution, and left things open for the cops to be corrupt, taking what they wanted, without even having to convict people of a crime. The very idea under which it operated, to “deprive rich drug dealers of the money required for a decent defense) is unconstitutional. People are ENTITLED to a DECENT defense, not the wimpy defense offered by many government-appointed lawyers, who didn't want the case, anyway. So Nebraska's new law REQUIRING conviction before “civil forfeiture is a “drop of fresh water.”

I'LL COMMIT SUICIDE!” That's what Congressman Peter King says he'll do if Trump is elected president. Boy! Promises, promises! It's too bad there is no way to make such a promise binding. They never carry out such promises. For instance, all those fools who say they'll “leave the country” if certain things happen, are still here, still making trouble for us human beings. They never DO what they promise. That's too bad. It's one way to get rid of a few fools.

HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS”: The House has passed a motion to “investigate” Obama for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” the first step in going for impeachment. Does anybody believe that will go any further in today's political scene? I certainly don't. Not with the Republican Party “bowing” before Obama''s every wish while trying to sabotage the best candidate they've ever had. Their stupidity amazes me!

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