Friday, April 15, 2016

RNC: "Don't Blame Us!"

A Republican campaign official says, “We don't want the impression that we are “manipulating the process.” That was said as the RNC was set to have a meeting where they “manipulated the process” by making more new rules to inhibit Donald Trump's candidacy. My question is, “If you don't want anybody to think you're “manipulating the process, why do you keep manipulating the process?” You people make me SICK!

NO PROSECUTION FOR HIM: They aren't going to prosecute Trump's campaign manager for “assault” on that female reporter who LIED about the incident, and was, herself as guilty of “assault” (on Trump, since she grabbed HIS arm) as he was, if the story is true, in any way. Video evidence she didn't know existed when she lied proves she lied. The prosecutor knew there was no way he'd ever be convicted, so why spend the money to prosecute him? Anti-Trumpers will scream and whine anout “favoritism,” but that was the only INTELLIGENT decision.

HE HASN'T SPENT ENOUGH!” That's what they're whining now about Donald Trump. Just this morning on Fox News, gergawdsakes, I listened in amazement as they extolled the BILLIONS other candidates have spent, and the small amount Trump has spent out of his own pocket. In fact, a politician accomplishing much WITHOUT spending a lot of money is what we want. They keep saying, “Trump will not be the Republican nominee” without giving any REAL reasons, because there AREN'T any.

CAN'T OVERTAKE HER!” Political “experts” are telling us there's “no way” Bernie can overtake Hillary in the number of delegates each has. Why is that, do you suppose? Because the “game is fixed!” Bernie has WON many elections, but has come away with fewer delegates than Hillary. That's “the fix.” One of those “super delegates” is her HUSBAND! How do you win against crap like that? This is the most corrupt election there has ever BEEN. On both sides. I'm not a Bernie fan, but I don't want Hillary, either.

RELEASING A MURDERER: That seems to be the “norm” these days. Obama has released many Islamic terrorists who are KNOWN murderers. Now he's beginning to release the Manson murderers. The parole board has recommended the release of the youngest Manson murderer, Leslie Van Houten, who is now an “old lady..” And don't believe Obama's influence isn't behind it. I think that “old bag” should die in prison. But who listens to me?

UNPOPULAR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE?" That's what they're now saying about Trump. They're taking surveys and their “findings” are that 67% of Americans wouldn't vote for Trump. Why then, does he win primary after primary, when people are allowed to vote (unlike in Colorado)? They said pretty much the same things about Ronald Reagan, and he won in a landslide. TWICE! And he turned out to be one of the most effective presidents, inheriting a Democrat MESS and getting the figures back to normal. Which infuriated Democrats. They're “pulling out all the stops” to defeat him, as they always do when a REAL candidate, who threatens to “upset their little fiefdoms” comes along.

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