Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Bigots of Music

Ringo Starr is the latest “music giant” to “boycott” S. Carolina because they won't let men be in bathrooms and locker rooms with little girls while they “do their business.;” Bruce Springsteen last week announced HE would not perform in S. Carolina because they won't let men who PRETEND to be women ogle those little girls. Like we care. If they don't want to perform there, so what? If they want to throw away the money they could make there, who cares? Letting men into the same restrooms as women and girls is SEX ABUSE. And those who ALLOW it are sex abusers. So are those who SUPPORT it.

ROSIE SPEAKS OUT: Rosie O'Donnell opens her yap again and insults Trump. She says he's a “misogynist, a serial liar, and an uneducated bully.” Where she gets that crap mystifies me. Why do fools like her accuse others of the very things THEY are? Rosie isn't too intelligent. I wonder who wrote out all those insults for her? And who taught her how to read it? Did she spell it right? This is the fool who rails against guns while hiring gun-wielding “security” to protect her kids. She probably carries her own gun, too.

POLITICAL PRISONERS: America likes to brag that they don't have political prisoners—until now. Now we have one we all know about. His name is Cliven Bundy. He protested the feds stealing part of his ranch on spurious “charges,” and would up in prison—so far, without any kind of a trial. There'd be TWO political prisoners for much the same reason, except the other fought back while holding guns. They didn't use them, but the feds used that as an excuse to KILL one of the demonstrators. And this isn't the first time. Think Ruby Ridge and Waco.

KILLS NINE BABIES: This woman, who shall remain nameless here, because she'll probably sue me for revealing the truth about her, has MURDERED 9 babies (NINE BABIES!), and keeps on having unprotected sex. She says she “feels nothing” about killing her children and will continue to do it. Seems to me this woman is not only a MASS MURDERER, she is STUPID, too! She could avoid the pain and notoriety of all her killings of her children if she (or her accomplice in these murders) would just buy a RUBBER. But that'd be too much bother. She'd rather kill her children.

NOT ENOUGH TO KILL”: “Being stupid and annoying is not enough to die for,” says the Navy, talking about those stupid Russian pilots who “buzzed” a Naval ship. I recommended warning Putrid—er, uh, Putin, be warned that the next Russian jet to “buzz” an American ship would be shot down, and then to DO IT, if they did. They're right. The pilot shouldn't die for doing what he was ORDERED to do by his fool boss. So shoot to DISABLE the plane. And when he ejects, pick him up, and be nice to him. Much nicer than we could expect Russia to be in a similar situation.


ONE MAN'S OPINION: Riots whichever way we go. Trump says if he loses the nomination through chicanery or dirty tricks, there'll be riots in the streets. Black Lives Matter says if he wins it, THEY'LL riot. So we'll get riots either way so we might as well vote for Trump....Did Valerie Jarrett order a hit on LaVoy Finicum? I wouldn't be surprised with such as Obama in charge....Anti-Trump protesters blocking the road into Trump events now. If they think that'll keep Trump out of the race, they got another think coming. It will just give him more free publicity....Washington, DC has the highest employment rate of any city in the U. S. Whoda thunkit?

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