Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Imbecile Ideas

You name the imbecile idea and the liberals will try it. One of the latest of those is the practice of PAYING criminals not to do criminal acts. That's what they're doing in Richmond, California. All you have to do is commit a crime and get caught, and Richmond will PAY you not to commit more crimes. It's almost enough to get me to move back to California and commit a crime, so I can qualify. Almost. But not really. I wouldn't move back to California on a bet. Not now that I know how stupid the liberals running things there are. I lived there during Reagan's governorship, and things were okay. Now they're out of control.

POLICY FOR COWARDS: The movement by liberals to establish a “safe space” for certain people is a policy designed to protect them from the effects of their actions. Giving them a “safe harbor” while they do everything they can to screw things up for the rest of us. They don't like their fool ideas being opposed, so they want to set up “safe spaces” so they won't have to defend them on the merits. But hiding in such “safe spaces” won't protect them in the long run because those “spaces” aren't real. They're only in the imagination of those liberals who promote the idea.

THE WORLD HAS CHANGED: It used to be the PARENTS wo tried to stop their KIDS from doing drugs and getting into trouble. Now it's often the PARENTS doing drugs and being oblivious when trouble arises. That's what happened to a woman who was doing meth in one room while four guys gang-raped her nine-year-old daughter in the other room. Such a crime as these four men committed ought to be a death penalty crime. The mother should be punished for child abuse, too. A nice long term in prison should suffice, with the child taken away from her, forever.

ANOTHER IMBECILE IDEA: As mentioned above, there isn't an imbecile idea that liberals haven't imposed upon the rest of us, whether we like it ir not. In California, it's $15.00 an hour for kids just entering the work force with NO talents or abilities, which is a major job killer. Obama PRETENDS to be doing things to IMPROVE the jobs picture, but everything he does seems to make it worse. His “signature legislation,” Obamacare, is the worst job killer there is, with minimum wage increase right in there. But it's hard to figure which is worse, because there are so many.

WE BEAT HILLARY!” That's what Ted Cruz crowed after winning Wisconsin. No, you didn't, Ted. Yes, you got more votes than she did, but that was in a separate election and means NOTHING. Getting more votes will mean nothing until it's only you and Hillary in the general election. And then you're in. I sure hope you CAN “beat Hillary” then, if you get nominated, at all. I'd rather have you (or any other Republican), rather than Hillary OR Bernie. For either of them to win the presidency would be DEATH for the United States. It will turn us into the next socialist “showcase nation.” That is, until socialism (under whatever name) predictably crumbles.

DECLARING THEIR IGNORANCE: PayPal has decided not to build a “customer service center” in N. Carolina because NC won't let MEN be in women's restrooms while they're “doing their business.” Letting that happen is IGNORANCE of the highest order, and supporting it to this extent declares your own ignorance. So they'll take their 400 employees and the money spent to build it elsewhere because of their ignorance. I can't believe the ignorance of some people.

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