Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ignoring Reality

One of Obama's recent stupid pronouncements is that “There is no difference between communism and capitalism.” What? Can our president BE that stupid? Communism and capitalism are POLAR OPPOSITES! People who believe in capitalism (the free market) are diametrically OPPOSED to communism (stealing from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of the non-producer). If he can't understand this, he is completely UNQUALIFIED to be president. But there are many other things anybody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE can see that escape this FOOL.

OL JOE” BLOWS IT AGAIN: One wonders why this fool has managed to stay in political office for so long when it is well known that he is “not the sharpest knife in the drawer. His latest pronouncement is that the Second Amendment gives him the right to confiscate your guns. How he figures that, I don't know. That's one of the CLEAREST amendments in the Constitution, but has been one that has been disputed many times by ignorant politicians who just want to disarm Americans. He has demonstrated that he doesn't understand ANYTHING about how this government works, yet he pretends to be an expert, as do most other know-nothing politicians.

MORE ELECTION FIXING: Obama is now pushing an initiative to make green card holders into citizens so they can vote for a Democrat. There are many ways to fix an election if you're completely dishonest, and Obama knows, and uses them in a regular basis. How do you think he got re-elected after all the crappy things he did in his first term? It wasn't because the voters liked him, that's for sure. There's a small cadre of voters who would vote for him if he murdered somebody on live TV. But they aren't enough, by themselves, to get his candidates elected. So he cheats.

SOMETHING ELSE TO BLAME: With all the high unemployment numbers, MILLIONS out of work or underemployed because of his efforts to keep people “eligible” to be FORCED to buy his health insurance, plus the push to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, all causing more and more unemployment, while he tries his best to convince the American voter the economy is booming when they know it's not, he needs a new “straw man” on which to blame the continuing lack of meaningful jobs. So with more and more mundane factory jobs being done by robots, he's now blaming the unemployment figures on the “rise of the robots,” hoping that uninformed voters will believe him.

WATCHING THE GREEK RIOTS: I was just watching the videos of the cops trying to hold back the Islamic “refugees” who were rioting in Greece. One guy in particular who kept throwing punches at the cops should have been arrested immediately. They probably should have beaten the hell out of him, but that's not allowed. Another guy with a “loud-hailer” should have been arrested, too. He was “fomenting that riot.” He was a “ringleader” and should have to serve a long stretch. Yes, people are allowed to “assemble.” But NOT to riot. That should be a punishable offense. And especially those “fomenting a riot.”

IT'S NOT HIS JOB!” People are saying Trump's campaign manager should not have put his hands on that female reporter who approached Trump with what turned out to be a pen, but which might have been a knife, or even a bomb. But by doing so, hr might have saved her from even worse, as the Secret Service agents, ever watchful and quick to act, were “zeroing in” on her and would have “swarmed her” if he had not moved her away from Trump. They're wrong. It's ANYBODY'S job to do what they can if they suspect possible danger, “their job” or not. And with recent threats on Trump's life, that's what he may have thought.

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