Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cocky Damned Politicians

There are no cocky damned politicians like Democrats in New York. Remember how Bloomberg banned pop over a certain size—like he was allowed to do that by the Constitution? Show me ANYTHING in the Constitution that allows a MAYOR to ban ANYTHING. Then, among other things, he banned “transfats.” Now the current mayor (DeBlasio) is banning employers from asking potential employees if they have a criminal background. As if he had the right to do that. Next thing, they'll be banned from CHECKING to see if he/she has a criminal background. Somebody needs to tell him there ARE limits to his powers. Being mayor in NYC doesn't make him a king.

KILLING THE OIL BOOM: Fracking has created the biggest oil boom there has been lately, in N. Dakota. It's one of the best things for the American economy there is—until Obama killed it with his export ban. It seems like everything Obama does is DESIGNED to kill our economy, doesn't it? Killing our economy is the first step in blaming the free market for that failure, when it's Obama's policies that are doing it. Then he can move us ever closer to collectivism/socialism and even communism. With him in charge. He envies, uh, Putin and his power.

SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY: That's what Obama does best. He's doing it again with his EDICT that more people get overtime, even if they are “managers.” This, of course, will cost businesses billions, and will hurt the free market, which is his fervent wish, because he wants to establish this as a socialist state, and he can blame the injury to the economy on the free market and move us ever closer to socialism. Obama is the worst “enemy of the state” this nation has ever seen, because he conned his way into the presidency so there's no way to get rid of him except for impeachment, which would be futile because he “knows where the bodies are buried.” He probably buried a few, himself.

IF IT'LL HURT US: Obama will do it. The government ostracized Cuba when they were taken over by a bunch of communists and enslaved that Island nation, making it into an “island prison” many people wanted to escape. So naturally, Obama is going to lift all the things this government did to make it hard on him, but served only to make it hard on the “average Cuban.” Castro and his accomplices kept all the money to themselves, while only the “average Cuban” suffered from our sanctions. One of the obvious signs is that the average age of cars there is the fifties—unless you're a government official, which is common in communist countries. Of course, Cuba's health system is second to none, but that's only for Castro and his accomplices. The rest of the people can “suck hind tit.”

PUTIN: “AMERICA IS GODLESS”: This is absolutely hilarious coming from a long-time communist Vladmir, uh, Putin, who used to run the KVD and killed people as a hobby (still does). The communist state in Russia was notoriously ANTI-religion. So for him to criticize us for “forsaking God and religion” is ludicrous—just like him. But then, Putin is like most politicians, even communist ones, he uses words to his own advantage. He doesn't have to believe it to say it. And LYING comes naturally to politicians.

OBAMA'S DELUSION: He is now saying he is “the new Ronald Reagan,” when nothing could be further from the truth (and anyone with a BRAIN knows it). But that's not unexpected, since he is a STRANGER to the truth. Obama wouldn't know the truth if it slapped him in the face. I laughed for a long time when he came out and said this country is now more respected in the world because of his presidency, when the truth is, it couldn't be LESS respected, OR feared. I don't know if he is just deluded, or stupid. I suspect it's a little of both. But when he claims to be the “incarnation” of Ronald Reagan, I almost “lost my lunch” laughing. Thanks, Obama. I needed a good “belly laugh.” You provide one every other day.

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