Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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In America, you're free to live as you wish, unless you're white, straight, Republican, a gun owner or southern.” That pretty well sums it up, according to liberals, who subscribe to that sentiment, wholly. They say, “freedom for everyone!” except..... people with whom they disagree. Those people should be imprisoned, and sometimes put to death. That's how liberals THINK. Which is why I think liberals STINK. Conservatives need a more worthy opposition. One which tells the truth and doesn't try and financially RUIN people with whom they disagree.

IT'S THE RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY”: That's what Hillary attributes all the criticism she gets, which is plenty. But what does she expect? Where is it going to COME from? Her “friends?” And it's in no way a “conspiracy.” It's right out in the open, as all such opposition will be. She can't “rightly” attribute her criticism to a “conspiracy,” but she does. Intimating there's something “sinister” about her opposition. WRONG! It's simply her OPPOSITION. Which she's going to have, no matter which side she's on. It's typical Clinton misdirection, to blunt criticism.

NANCY: “MORAL OBLIGATION:” Good ol' Nancy Peelosi displays her stupidity again with this one: “Americans have a moral obligation to support gun control.” But, of course, she says nothing about border control or deporting illegal aliens. No Nancy, we DON'T HAVE an “obligation” to support the stupid, useless gun laws they're passing these days. All they do is disarm HONEST PEOPLE and DO NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws.

GOP RINOS PANIC: Trump takes over as the LEADER in the race for the Republican presidential nomination because Americans LOVE his brashness and refusal to back down to anything liberals screech about him. For me, he's the only one left in the race who tells the WHOLE truth. Sarah did, and the liberals destroyed her chances by lying BIG about her—which they're going to do about him, too. But I don't think it will work with him. His megaphone is too big. And he's in no way afraid to use it. I still think Sarah would make a good candidate for EITHER position, VP if Trump will let her speak her mind—which I think he would.

BLAMING EVERYTHING BUT THE SHOOTER: Liberals blame everything but what is responsible for the S. Carolina killings. One FORMER professor is now saying that the CONSTITUTION is responsible because of EARLY Amendments that have already been removed by later Amendments. Next, they'll blame GOD. And they'll have a good reason (to them) for doing so. What a bunch of putzes!

ISIS MEMBER LEAVES ISIS: Joins al-Qaida. So what. That's like getting out of one Yellow Cab and getting into another Yellow Cab. They're all the same. They're all Islamic terrorists, Obama notwithstanding. We need to kill as many as we can, no matter what name they're using. They all have five or six names, anyway. Pretty soon, they're going to have more names than they have members

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