Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Show Your Support!"

Planned Parenthood wants you to “show your support” for them murdering babies and selling their organs. Next, people will want you to show your support for simple MURDER. Golly! Can't execute any more murderers while PP is murdering babies on a daily basis, can we? Damn! People have been on a steady diet of “stupid pills,” haven't they? To not be OUTRAGED by Planned Parenthood's scam. I'M damned sure outraged, and it's a good thing I'm not a violent man or PP's offices would be doomed! They're really “round the bend” to think that people WOULD “show their support” for their baby-killing activities. Anybody who DOES is displaying their abject STUPIDITY.

DON'T HIT “EM WITH A HAMMER”: ICE Director says, “we don't want to hit sanctuary cities over the head with a hammer.” What? They need to be “hit over the head” with SOMETHING! Their policies are KILLING people! So we need to “hit them over the head” with something even bigger than a hammer to wake them up to reality. Letting murderers go free because they're illegal aliens is really STUPID, and the authors of “sanctuary cities” are too stupid to be in charge of ANYTHING. And I LIVE in a "sanctuary city!"

DINNER WITH HILLARY? What a SNOOZE prize! Why would ANYBODY but a Democrat FOOL want to have dinner with Hillary? That's their latest scam. A RIGGED “contest” to “win” a “dinner with Hillary. Reading the fine print, I see that there are many ways to ensure ANY “winner” would have the same opinions on everything as she does. If I were a winner in this “contest (not a chance!), I would not go. The very thought of seeing Hillary across the table from me would ruin my appetite and make me nauseous. Of course, there's no chance I would EVER be considered to “win” this “contest.” I don't “think right.”

$15 AN HOUR, STUPID! Whatever gave politicians, who have never run a business or had to make a payroll, think they have the right to ORDER businesses to pay beginning workers with NO SKILLS or abilities TWICE what they're worth? Where in the Constitution does it say politicians can control wages? Businesses pay their workers as much as they can AFFORD, based on their talents, abilities, and training. If they're FORCED to pay more, by short-sighted politicians who have no idea what they're doing, they'll have to raise their prices sky high or go out of business, with the appropriate effect on the economy. We're the ones who will suffer.

$15 AN HOUR TOO MUCH: Many people who got a raise to $15 an hour hate it. Because the new wage scale causes them to lose financial help they're getting that amounts to MORE than they can earn at the increased rate. I fully understand that, as a friend of mine who worked for a car rental company (the same one I used to work for) got a 50 cent raise and lost a $100 subsidy to his Social Security that was based on his salary. It just wasn't worth it. Politicians do a lot of things without considering the unforeseen consequences of their acts, and then make no changes after they find out. They just don't care.

MAYOR IS AN IMBECILE: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, mayor of Baltimore, MD, is not only incompetent, she is a complete idiot. Dumb as a box of rocks. She thinks the riots after Freddie Gray accidentally killed himself only lasted “a few hours,” due to her “good work.” Talk about delusional! Truth is, they're STILL going on, weeks later! Now murder and other violence is increasing apace, and she has fired the police commissioner for her own failings. She's way over her head and needs to let somebody COMPETENT take over, at least for a while. She probably thinks this is a racist item, as do most black politicians these days, following Obama's lead of attributing ANY opposition to racism.

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