Sunday, July 5, 2015

Who the Hell Cares?

The world is going to hell in a handbasket. ISIS is merrily killing, maiming, raping, and beheading people with rusty knives right and left for not believing in the same god they do. Obama is fast destroying everything we hold dear and whipping up new racism all over the country. The economy is going to hell (no matter what Obama's “massaged” numbers say), unemployment is in the pits (ditto), Obama's efforts to make this into a socialist country are nearing fruition, and we're fighting over whether men should be allowed to “marry” men, women “marry” women? Yes, it's important to gays. But it's not important to anybody else. In other words, who cares if gays get “married?” It just isn't important in the total scheme of things. Why don't we worry about what's important to us?

E-MAIL SPECIALIST: Attorney Catherine Duvall seems to be the “go-to gal” when you want to obfuscate and avoid releasing incriminating e-mails. She was put in charge of Lois Lerner's supposedly “lost” e-mails and now she's been put in charge of obfuscating and delaying release of HILLARY'S e-mails. She's pretty good at that, even though Lois Lerner has been found in contempt of Congress (although I'm not holding my breath until the Congress takes advantage of that and does something to her). Of course, Lois is now “retired,” and “just getting by” on a government pension that would have made me rich. If you think this is not orchestrated by Obama, you're as dumb as a stump.

TWISTING THE TRUTH, AS USUAL: A “flaming liberal” on “One Political Plaza” came up with a doozy today. He claims Rush Limbaugh is being investigated for “payola” for pushing products without telling his listeners he is being paid to do so. And along with it, he ran an OLD picture of Rush when he was seriously overweight and called him “the round mound.” He's a little behind the times, but then, I expect that of liberals. They aren't too bright, or they wouldn't be liberals.

LIBERALS ARE REALLY PISSED: They just don't know how to handle a non-politician who says what he means and means what he says like “The Donald” does. Christie SAYS that's what he's going to do, but he IS a politician, through and through, which means what he says will still be tempered by political considerations. Trump doesn't know how to do that. He says what he really means, and leaves an opening for liberals to twist his words completely out of shape. His comment about ILLEGAL aliens was twisted to mean ALL aliens, creating a “straw man” they could whine about.

SPEECH FREEDOM EXPENSIVE: A bakery in Oregon was just assessed an ILLEGAL fine of $135,000.00 because they would not bake a cake for a gay wedding. So much for the constitutional prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment” that makes THREE places the Constitution has been ignored in this case: Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom from “cruel and unusual punishment.” Such a fine IS cruel and unusual punishment for refusing to bake a cake because of religious beliefs and is only levied to DESTROY these people.

A RACIST IN CHINESE FACE: George Takei, who played “Mr. Sulu” on Star Trek, and who has long been known to be gay pulled out all the stops in his tirade against Justice Thomas over his opinion on the “gay marriage” ruling. He called him “a clown in blackface.” But what is really true here is that TAKEI is a “clown in Chinese face.” I used to like George, gay or not (I don't give a damn about his being gay). But I can't stand a racist bigot who calls others names.

NO “DEMOCRATIC PARTY”: Some people wonder why I never refer to the “Democratic Party” when I mention the Democrats. The answer is simple. There is nothing “democratic” about the “Democrat Party” and so I never call it “Democratic.” Some people think I go too far when I say that, but I'm not. It pains me to use the word “democratic” to describe that party, for the reason given. And since I make up my own mind about what to say and how to say it, I never let liberals (or anybody else) tell me what words to use—ever.

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