Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why They Hate Trump

“They” being the liberals and the Democrat Party (which is actually a repetition, there). They hate him precisely because he scares them to death. They'll always tell you who they fear the most. They don't want to take ANY possible chance that he may actually be elected president. America has already told them it could happen since they moved him instantly to the TOP of the list of fifteen possible Republican candidates. So they screech LOUD and long to try and discredit him as they did Sarah Palin, whom they also fear. The thing is, he's right, in most things he says, and won't back down. That scares them more than anything.

THAT'S DIFFERENT! The liberals are incensed that a bakery would actually bake a cake with a Confederate flag motif in spite of their “orders” not to. What's the difference between that and refusing to bake a cake for a “gay wedding?” Why, they AGREE with gay weddings, that's what's different. So if a bakery refuses to bake it, they should be run out of business and completely ruined, financially. That's how it works today. If the liberals want it, it's as good (or better) than if it were law.

HYPOCRISY ALERT: Gay-owned bakeries refuse to bake cakes for Christian events, and they think that's okay, while their extremists financially RUIN anybody who won't bake one for a gay “wedding.” That seems a bit hypocritical to me. No! It seems a LOT hypocritical. They have no more reason for refusing than do the ones who refusing to bake a cake for Christians. What they're doing shows plainly the “one-sidedness” of their position.

OBAMA TO VISIT PRISON: Why? Maybe to see where he will live after they finally get onto his crimes? Save time and money. When he walks into a cell, lock the door and don't let him out. He'll be where he should be. If I were Obama, I wouldn't go NEAR a prison, for fear they'd do just that. It's what he richly deserve.

THEY ALWAYS GO OVERBOARD: Even when they're wrong, the liberals “shoot for the sky” in everything they do. They're working HARD to make the Confederate flag the culprit in the S. Carolina church killings and they are having some success. Now they're so “puffed up” with that success that one liberal “professor” is now calling for those who refuse to NOT “obey orders” and pull it down be charged with a “hate crime.” Is that STUPID, or what? But I expect such stupidity from liberals.

WE DON'T MAKE MONEY FROM ABORTION”: That's what Planned Parenthood says, and they're right. They don't make money from the abortion itself (mostly), but they still DO make money from the dead baby body parts they sell in wholesale quantities. Which is an example of the veracity (truth-telling) of Planned Parenthood. They CLAIM they “make no money” from killing babies, while making money in secret. I'm not a bit surprised, considering the character of the people involved. People called soldiers returning from Vietnam “baby-killers,” but they were wrong. Now we have some REAL “baby killers.”

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