Friday, July 17, 2015

"No, No, Not Allowed!

CBS's Major Garrett asked Obama a pointed question about those Iran-held prisoners and why he ignores them and “visibly upset him. Awwww.....poor baby! CNN says he “crossed a line” by asking that question. WHAT line? There shouldn't BE “a line” in questioning the president about why he ignores falsely imprisoned citizens. Obama is NOT a king. He does NOT get to tell reporters what questions they CAN ask. He thinks he does, but, as usual, he's wrong.

SELLING DEAD BABY PARTS: I've always thought Planned Parenthood was evil, because their biggest industry was KILLING BABIES. They keep saying their biggest industry is “advising women about abortion.” But their advice is USUALLY to HAVE the abortion so they can get their hands on the baby and steal their body parts, which are worth a lot of money on the dead baby market. They kill their babies in very painful ways (to the baby, not the killer) so as not to harm the organs they want to sell. Returning vets from Vietnam were falsely called, “baby killers.” But Planned Parenthood are REAL baby killers, and in the business of selling the body parts thereby “harvested.” And make no mistake, they ARE a profit-making outfit.

BILLIONS TO TERRORISTS: The Iran “agreement” not only guarantees Iran will get their nuclear capability, but it gives them (one of the biggest state-based financiers of Islamic terrorism) billions of dollars to use in financing more Islamic terrorism. I know the Islamic terrorists don't like me calling it that (what it IS), but I couldn't care less what they want. This is just one more example of how Obama is doing everything he can to HELP the Islamic terrorists kill innocent people. When are the people who can DO something about this traitorous fool going to wake up and “smell the gunpowder?”

NOT REAL REPORTERS”: When a Fox News reporter attempted to get the answer to some questions from a San Francisco bureaucrat, he was told, “I only answer questions from REAL reporters.” Meaning, of course, LIBERAL reporters in the liberal media. This pretty well shows the ARROGANCE of liberal politicians (a repetition, there) in San Francisco, which is echoed by liberal politicians everywhere.

TRADE FOR NEWER MODEL:If my body was a car it would be time to trade for a newer model. I've got scratches, bumps and dents in my finish and my paint job is getting dull. That's not the worst of it. My headlights are out of focus and its hard to see things close up,far off or at night. My traction is not as good as it once was. I slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of weather. My white walls are stained with varicose veins. It takes hours to reach my maximum speed. My fuel burns inefficiently. And here's the worst part. Every time I sneeze or cough either my radiator leaks or my exhaust back fires (I got this on “One Political Plaza.” I don't know who the original author was, but he/she's probably just like me)

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART: It started to beat faster when I read a headline saying, “Obama to go to prison....” until I read the rest of the headline: “For a fairer justice system.” Then I remembered Obama was going to a prison to talk to the criminals he was going to PARDON for drug crimes while drug deaths increased and I "calmed down. The media (mostly the alternative media), as the liberal media ignores it or extols his praises for “releasing non-violent offenders.” Like selling drugs to kids is “non-violent.”

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