Thursday, July 9, 2015

Damn! How Stupid ARE They?

Liberals are stupid enough to believe ANYTHING that will screw things up in this country. I don't know if THEY believe it, or just want US to. Now they're saying certain parts of the CONSTITUTION are racist and it “needs to be “edited”, according to the Daily Caller.” The fact that it already HAS been “edited” by subsequent articles seems to be lost on this FORMER professor. How STUPID is that? Do they really think they can make something like that stick just because they SAY so? They'd LOVE to get the Constitution—the BASIS for ALL our laws--removed from the equation or discredited. But I hope there are enough INTELLIGENT people in this country to “shut them down.”

BOY, ARE THEY STUPID! I say that a lot, don't I? But the things liberals do defy intelligence. A newspaper in Arizona is whining that the fence built to keep illegal aliens out is too high. It isn't safe for them to try and jump over. They might get hurt. Oh, poor babies! Maybe that's because the fence was built to discourage them from crossing illegally. In which case, it's doing its job. Except for the fact that Obama's policies force me and the rest of the taxpayers to pay for the medical costs of the ones stupid enough to try. And then there's the AMERICANS who are murdered by those who make the jump successfully. I think it's a plus for our side.

OBAMA IS A FOOL! He thinks we “can't beat the Islamic terrorists with our troops.” He's only right if we use the methods he has been using lately, of “selectively” attacking them in weak points and then “running away.” But we can, easily beat them, as we did in Iraq, by sending in overwhelming force and treating them to “shock and awe” at what they are witnessing. They said it would take a long time to conquer Iraq, but we did it in a week. So fast, in fact, that Saddam's PR flack was still telling the world we had failed , even while our tanks were driving along Iraq streets behind him.

DO WHAT'S NECESSARY”: Obama has said “We're going to do what's necessary to degrade and defeat ISIS.” But he is not willing to do that. Which is why “We can't win against them” until he does. He has demonstrated that he wants to do ONLY what's necessary to convince the American people he is trying to win the war, while his every move is designed to end in failure so he can CLAIM that the world's best military can't beat a bunch of rabble who just aren't up to the job of facing a REAL army. Whose only reason for success is that nobody who knows how is opposing them. At least, not in sufficient numbers to make a difference. And that's by plan.

FORGET THE CONFEDERATE FLAG: Let's deal with REALITY. The reality is that there is not a massive “problem” with racism in this country today. Except for the black against white racism Obama has been promoting, hoping to create enough dissent that it gives him an excuse to declare martial law and do what he can't do under normal conditions. The Confederate Flag is just a SYMBOL, and not a symbol of what they claim, in any case. It is the symbol of state's rights, which are enshrined in the Constitution, civil war notwithstanding. Otherwise, it has been usurped as a symbol of the DEMOCRAT Party, since they took it up, along time ago.

TRUMP SCARES DEMOCRATS: He scares them like Sarah Palin never did. Which is why they largely leave her alone today (she's already been marginalized) and call Trump a “bomb thrower.” Meanwhile, many organizations run by Democrats “cut ties” with Trump, SAYING it's because of what he says, But in reality, it's because he scares the hell out of Democrats, because they know that if he wins, they're DONE. Maybe not for all time, but for a LONG time. Liberals (Democrats) always tell us who they fear the most, by the loudness of their crying out against them. And they're crying the loudest right now against Trump.

PEOPLE SHOULD TRUST ME”: And do, says Hillary, in her usual self-delusional fashion. She also says, “I'm not running my campaign for the press. I'm running it for the voters.” How the hell does she think she will be able to CONTACT the voters (aka: peons) without the press? Thinking that people TRUST her is the heights of delusion. She is one of the most DISTRUSTED politicians there is, outside of Obama and Bill. And she is also delusional if she thinks she doesn't need the press. This is the cockiest woman I've ever seen PRETENDING to run for president. Of course, I heartily approve of everything she does or says, because it reveals her abysmal stupidity and puts one more “nail” in her electoral coffin.

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