Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No Proof of Citizenship

According to the Supreme Court, which is fast illustrating its incompetence to judge the constitutionality of ANYTHING, has decided that we can't force voters to prove their citizenship in order to vote. What the hell are they SMOKING? If we can't force voters to prove citizenship, ANYBODY can vote, including Mexican, or SIAMESE citizens because, without requiring proof of citizenship and identity, they can not only vote without being citizens, they can vote many times. But that's Obama's goal, isn't it?

PREEXISTING CONDITIONS: Whoever said insurance companies should cover “preexisting conditions” is an imbecile. But all liberals, and even some conservatives agree that forcing insurance companies to cover “preexisting conditions” is a good thing. That Obama included coverage of preexisting conditions proves that Obamacare is foolishness. To cover preexisting conditions is to court bankruptcy. It changes them from insurance companies into WELFARE providers. Covering them means people can contract, say, cancer, and THEN buy insurance, and the insurance company must then pay all their medical expenses when they KNEW they had cancer when they bought the “insurance.”

BANNING THE AMERICAN FLAG: Mark Dice loves to have people sign imaginary “petitions,” and he never has any trouble finding fools to sign them. There are way too many gullible people who would sign such stupid things because they live in a “cocoon of ignorance” and know nothing about what's really happening. In this case, the subject is banning the AMERICAN flag. And, as usual, he had no trouble finding fools to sign his petition. This is how we got an imbecile like Barack Hussein Obama as president. These people vote, no matter how gullible and ignorant they are.

NOTHING WRONG WITH RICH: Democrats “get off” on criticizing “rich conservatives” for BEING rich. Which is what they're doing with a Republican's purchase of a $80,000 boat. What they don't tell you is that most of THEM are rich, either by inheritance, or by being politicians. The Clintons, who claimed to be “broke” when they left the White House, are “FILTHY RICH.” They own many one to fifteen million dollar homes and get $250,000.00 for a ten minute speech. But their favorite approach in politics is to criticize OTHERS for being rich. CLASS WARFARE is their favorite approach to politics.

WHY SHOULD IT BE PAINLESS? States go out of their way to make sure that prisoners suffering the death penalty should not be PAINFULLY put to death. Why? I think their deaths should not only be painful, but long-lasting. Personally, I'd shoot them in the belly and leave them to die, as long as it takes. Then the PAIN of the death penalty might be a REAL deterrent to further capital crimes. In murder cases. They should be put to death the same way as their victims.

PENNILESS POLITICIANS GET RICH: How is it that politicians who don't have a helluva lot of money when they come to Washington, leave it as millionaires, sometimes billionaires? Gerald ford is a case in point. The son of a paint salesman, bought a SIX MILLION DOLLAR HOME in “ski country.” How did he do that? The Clintons claimed POVERTY when they left the White House, but immediately bought a mansion in Chappequa, NY, one of the ritziest “conclaves” in New York. How did Ford manage to buy a $6 million dollar home? I'd bet pardoning Nixon had something to do with it. I hasten to say, this is not fact. It's only supposition on my part, but based on my knowledge of how things work in DC. Where did the Clintons get all their money? Half million dollar speaking fees might have had something to do with it, Advances on books in the millions probably helped, too, to write (with help) books nobody reads.

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