Monday, July 20, 2015

Speak Spanish In Jails

The DOJ is telling Sheriff Joe Arpaio his deputies mush be able to speak Spanish in his jail. Whatever happened to jail as PUNISHMENT? Will we now be required to cater to every prisoner's whims? What's next? Will they be required to speak MUSLIM languages when Islamic terrorists are incarcerated in his jail? Will his deputies have to be able to speak EVERY language spoken by his prisoners? This is yet ANOTHER stupid thing that DOJ is pursuing.

WE NEED TO ESTABLISH ISLAM IN THE WORLD”: That's what was written on the Chattanooga shooter's web site. But the feds are still wondering “what his motivation was.” They REFUSE to admit this is Islamic terrorism because they can't find DIRECT evidence of his connection to Islamic terrorism. Never mind he went to the Middle East several times and stayed for months while they couldn't find out what he DID there. Are these people STUPID, or just “bought off” or ORDERED to be this dense by that “closeted Muslim,” Barack Obama?

WE DON'T SELL DEAD BABY PARTS”: “We just 'donate them' and 'accept reimbursement'.” That's what Planned Parenthood says. And they really think we'll accept that as an excuse? Damn, what a bunch of loser scumbags! They also say they don't make a profit. “Although we try and make a little more than what we spend.” If that isn't “making a profit,” I'll kiss a part of you that isn't normally a target for kissing, right up in the brown. The fact is, Planned Parenthood DOES “make a profit,” including the tax money they get. They DO “sell dead baby body parts.” They've murdered more BLACK babies than any other, and their FOUNDER was a RACIST who wanted to use that organization to “make a better world” by killing black babies. And that's not just my opinion. It's FACT.

FLAGS AT HALF STAFF? There are questions about Obama not ordering flags on federal property to half staff in honor of the six Navy men who were killed in Chattanooga. I know the reason. They're part of the military. Obama, like most liberals, has no respect for the military. Thus, he would more likely lower the flags for that giant thug killed by a cop in Ferguson, MO, or for Trayvon Martin, but not for Navy personnel.

ALL LIVES MATTER!” One blogger got in trouble for telling the truth. He said, “Black lives matter, white lives matter, ALL lives matter.” I guess the source of the outrage is when he said, “WHITE lives matter.” I guess in this world today, saying “WHITE lives matter,” in any context, creates controversy. To me, the people who treat this as a “controversial statement” are damned racist fools, and should be IGNORED. There! I said it. So I guess they can come after me now too, for telling the truth.

FALSE OUTRAGE: Liberals (and some conservatives, too, are making a “big thing” out of Trump's remarks about former prisoner of war and now Senator John McCain. I don't know that I agree with him, but I just don't think it's such a “big thing” to say, “I like heroes who were not captured.” But it seems McCain is UNTOUCHABLE, since he WAS a prisoner of war. Like Obama is untouchable because he is (half) black. Thus rendering ANYBODY who criticizes them as “nasty.” It's a good scam, and one Democrats (and sometimes Republicans) use regularly. I think McCain uses that to his advantage, just like Obama does. That's why he's been around so long. Nobody (except Trump) dares criticize him.

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