Monday, July 13, 2015

"No Evidence? So What?"

NO EVIDENCE? SO WHAT!: It's the seriousness of the charges that count!” That's what liberals say when they try to dump mud on a conservative. There's no real evidence Bill Cosby raped ANYBODY. Only the unsupported word of a few women. But almost everybody thinks he's guilty, to the extent they're working together to ruin him financially. There's no evidence Hillary did anything wrong, either. But NOBODY (except people with intelligence) believes she DID do anything wrong. What's the difference? She's a liberal. And she's currently “in favor” with the “elite.”

NOT SURPRISING: They're finding numerous homicides and other crimes committed by illegal aliens, and it's not a bit surprising, since Obama ordered 30,000 (30,000!) illegal alien MURDERERS released. Some people will say I'm obsessed with this, and maybe I am. But I have a right to be obsessed with a president who let 30,000 CONVICTED murderers loose upon society, just because they're illegal aliens, and he supports illegal aliens in all things. With these people out there running free, you can count on the crime statistics to rise precipitously, and especially the MURDER statistics, since these people are KNOWN murderers. But Obama apparently doesn't care about that. How he works with all that blood on his hands, I don't know.

NO GREAT LOSS: Word is that numerous young people are being “recruited” by ISIS (and organizations like it) to become Islamic terrorists. The females who buy their bull dung will probably be instantly raped, then brainwashed to think that's a good thing. Maybe the guys, too. But having people stupid enough to buy that BS is not a great loss to us. Just “write 'em off. I know their parents will hate that advice, but if they're THAT stupid, we don't need 'em. Sorry Mom and Dad.

TRUMP MUST REALLY SCARE LIBS: They're pulling out every possible stop to hurt him. They're conning many of his business associates into abandoning him, and getting many different sponsors to disown him. They're even conning NASCAR into “banning” him (Didn't work. NASCAR fans actually have minds of their own). Now even FAA is getting into the act. They have long used Trump based names for certain “coordination points" in Florida and they've just announced they're going to rename them. But Trump doesn't care, and he won't “back off.” That's what we need in a presidential candidate.

NC HAS OWN MIND, TOO: The Dept. of Motor Vehicles is still selling Confederate flag plates in spite of what their neighbor state just did, in taking the Confederate flag down and largely BANNING that symbol in all other areas, in a futile attempt at reducing gun violence. And they're selling out. They'll have to soon reprint them. Citizens in N. Carolina have shown that they think for themselves and don't fall for Eastern liberal bull dung.

PRESS FREEDOM: GONE: A gay man has filed a $70 million suit against Bible publishers because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. I guess if you have an opinion against homosexuality today, you lose your First Amendment rights. I don't really care what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedrooms. It doesn't bother me. But when they pressure me to not only NOT disapprove of their actions, but LOVE it or be punished, I get up on my hind legs and tell them “screw off.” I don't let ANYBODY tell me what I MUST like.

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