Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Wondering About the Wisdom"

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, in her attempt to stop the defense from revealing exculpatory evidence, because it would make people “wonder about the wisdom of bringing charges against those six cops” she is trying to jail for killing Freddy Gray, who accidentally killed HIMSELF. Frankly, I”ve been “wondering about the wisdom” of Marilyn Mosby in EVERYTHING. This bimbo must have bought that office from some other crooked politician. She certainly doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to hold such an office. She looks pretty good, but that doesn't qualify her for that office. I seem to remember SOMETHING in law about the prosecution not being able to withhold "exculpatory evidence."

INVESTIGATE THE ACCUSERS: Nancy Peelosi says we need to “investigate” the Center for Medical Progress for their "PHONY" videos damning Planned Parenthood doctors for revealing their dastardly acts. If she has any PROOF those videos are phony, she should come out with it. Otherwise, this bimbo should shut her pie hole. Nobody really cares what she says, any more. She's “yesterday's news.” Every time she opens her trap, she again shows her abysmal stupidity. Why they keep her around, I don't know.

SECURITY THREAT: Obama and his goons are treating “armed citizens” as a security threat. And they're right to do so, so long as Obama and his accomplices work so hard to fleece Americans. But they're only a “security threat" TO THEM, not to the government, at large. There's a good reason why Obama FEARS armed citizens. He knows what he's doing may well lead to an insurrection, and he wants to take as many guns away from possible rebels as he can. The British tried to take guns away from us and suffered for it. So will he.

THEY'LL NEVER TRUST US”: John Kerry says if the Congress doesn't approve his “deal” with Iran, “they'll never trust us again.” Who the hell cares? I don't give a horse's patootie what the Iranians think of us. We can certainly trust THEM to do us as much damage as they can—which isn't much. If they try anything, we'll make a steaming pile of dung out of their country, post haste. If the Mullahs want to commit mass suicide, we'll happily help them.

FACING THE WRONG DIRECTION: People are saying the armed vets standing in front of recruiting stations frighten them, and they're afraid they will keep people from coming in there. What damned foolishness is that? Those people are there for PROTECTION. The only people who are in danger from them are those who would come in and shoot the place up. This is a typical case of liberals blaming the GUN instead of the PERSON. That gun can't (and won't) do ANYTHING without a human finger on the trigger. Some people are REALLY stupid!

LIBERALS WILL ALWAYS TELL YOU: They'll always tell you who they FEAR the most. It used tp be Sarah Palin. But they're thoroughly discredited her to the point where even CONSERVATIVES think she's unelectable. They do it by the intensity of their complaints against them. We should use that intensity as an indicator as to just who is the best Republican candidate. I think today that's Sarah as president, and Trump as vice-president (or vice versa). Everybody BUT Democrats/liberals love them both.

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