Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's Wrong With "All Lives Matter?"

Martin O'Malley got in trouble for including "white lives matter" in a statement about ALL lives mattering. They DO! No matter what racist blacks say, that's “erasure, not inclusion.” I can't agree. To me that's being just TOO touchy, and THAT'S racist. It's the “new racism,” racism of blacks against whites. If white lives don't matter, neither do any other lives matter. Blacks don't get “special treatment” because they're black, nor should whites. It's a twisted way of thinking, and is inherently racist. Damn! Why are people so ignorant that they can't see that? And don't try and boycott me for this. I'm not getting paid for this, so you can't hurt me.

WAR ON DRUGS FAILED”: Well, I guess I haven't made enough enemies today from telling the truth, so I'll try again. Gov. Christie said “The war on drugs has failed,” if you accept the reasons the government gives you for pursuing it. It's simple: there are more people abusing drugs today than there were before the “drug war” started. To me, that's FAILURE. If you go by the REAL reason, it's a resounding success. That's because the real reason is, it gives the “authorities” plausible reasons to make laws they couldn't make otherwise, and “confiscate” (steal) what they want under the “RICO Laws,” without ever having to file charges.

SAVAGING” TRUMP”: The media finally got what they wanted: a reason to “savage” Donald Trump, a candidate who frightens them no end, since they are so biased in favor of liberals/Democrats. Oh, horrors! He insulted a WAR HERO! Can't do that, for ANY reason! Just like you can't criticize Obama for ANY reason because he's (half) black! Both have used things like that to keep criticism of them to a minimum, and very successfully, in my opinion. An example is the (fair) question Major Garrett asked Obama and got “scolded” for it, and is still being excoriated in the “captive” liberal media for it.

ATTACKED FOR THE TRUTH: Small-time Democrat presidential candidate (and blogger) Martin O'Malley is being scorned by liberals (and some conservatives) for saying “black lives matter.” What the hell's wrong with that? I think what they're really mad at him over is his also saying, “WHITE lives matter,” too. That just doesn't fit their narrative so they're trying to tear him down. I never thought I'd be defending a Democrat, but when you're right, you're right. Even if you aren't ON “the right.”

AURORA MEMORIAL: Somebody has set up a memorial to the 12 people murdered by the Aurora (Colorado) theater shooter three years ago. It is 12 crosses lined up at the intersection of Alameda and Sable in Aurora. Each year, every police car in Aurora passes by this memorial with their lights flashing at the exact time the shooting occurred. This is the first time I've heard of this, or that it has made the news (that I know of). Watch for an atheist a—hole to protest the use of crosses because he hates religion—that is, all except the ATHEIST religion.

IS SHE DELUSIONAL? That's the question being asked about the Baltimore mayor after she said “The Freddy Gray riots were over in hours, and many cities would like to boast that record.” And one of them is Baltimore. I seem to remember them lasting for days. This broad has been delusional from the beginning, when the said. “Let the rioters get it off their chests.” How this buffoon ever got to be mayor, I'll never know. She MUST be a Democrat. They're the ones who have a REQUIREMENT for stupidity in their members.

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