Monday, July 6, 2015

NY Action Is Unconstitutional

Mayor DiBlasio says NYC is “reconsidering” all the contracts involving Donald Trump after his comments (which are true) about illegal aliens being mostly criminals, something proven by facts. But, as with most liberals, DiBlasio's mind is made up, so don't CONFUSE him with facts. And, as for his actions being unconstitutional, in this day and age, with none other than the PRESIDENT ignoring the Constitution every day with impunity, who's going to call him on it? If a non-Democrat does, he'll be ignored.

THEY LIED, AS USUAL: E-mails have proven to be the undoing of Obama. Lois Lerner's supposedly “permanently lost” e-mails that WERE finally found show that Obama ORDERED the “slowdown” for conservative organizations in their obtaining tax-free status. Then Hillary's “lost” e-mails were found and implicated her AND Obama in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. And now more “found” e-mails prove Obama LIED when he told us Professor Gruber WAS the “architect” of Obamacare, and he and the government DID think the American people are stupid.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN: A four-time deported illegal alien murdered his wife. Which makes it 124 innocent people killed by illegal alien murderers since Obama ordered a total of 30,000 of them released. That's a massive CRIME on Obama's part, and U. S. Marshals should come to the Oval Office and “perp-walk” him out to a car in his way to jail and prosecution as an ACCOMPLICE to 124 murders. Will it ever happen? Doubtful.  They'd probably get in a gun fight with the Secret Service. The only real thing they can do to him right now is impeachment, THEN prosecution for murder. But does ANYBODY in DC or anywhere else have the GUTS?

LETTING MURDERERS FREE: I can't understand why Obama is allowed to let murderers free. I know he's president. And all that, but 30,000 MURDERERS? And WHY would he DO such a thing? And why does NOBODY in DC or anywhere else DO anything about it? Meanwhile, those released kill ANOTHER 124 innocent people. Still nobody does anything about getting those murderers back behind bars. Why? Are the lives of those 124 people not worthwhile? Can we allow a president to release 30,000 convicted MURDERERS into our society with impunity? Isn't there a law that can prevent it? Obama has done a lot of bad things, but this is the worst. I'm outraged. You should be, too. Why aren't there more people outraged? Can somebody tell me?

BERNIE'S HONEST: Bobby Jindal has some “good words” for socialist Bernie Sanders. “Both Sanders and Hillary are committed socialists. But at least Bernie is honest about it.” Which is something I've been saying for a long time about Hillary AND her husband, AND Obama. Obama has made the most progress in recent years on turning this country into a socialist nation, and many people have died in his attempts. In other respects, Obama is incompetent. In that respect he is VERY competent.

AL-JAZEERA MOCKS AMERICANS: An Al-Jazeera-produced video mocks Americans as “fat, gun-toting racists.” I don't know where the hell they think they get the right to say such things of Americans. How many Muslims have we beheaded with rusty, dull knives for their religious faith? How do they get that “racist” bulldung? Muslims are NOT a “race.” they are a bunch of fools who have “bought” the crap put put by Imams and many of them think it's okay to KILL non-believers. Such beliefs are STUPID. And to mock us for being “gun-toters” is even more stupid, considering that in every picture of ISIS fools, they all are ALL carrying guns.

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