Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Gay Marriage Superior"

Now they're saying “gay marriage” is superior to heterosexual marriage because they “get to choose their children.” What? Boy, they're really working on coming up with the stupidest excuses ever! So hetero couples can't adopt, can they? I have nothing against gay couples making a contract between them to gain the same RIGHTS as in a marriage. But I'll NEVER accept their using the WORD “marriage” to describe it. And saying gay marriage is superior to hetero marriage reveals a level of stupidity I didn't even suspect in gay activists.

EVERYTHING IS RACIST: Every day liberals come out with something else that is “racist.” The other day, one FORMER professor wrote an article in which he said the CONSTITUTION is racist! Now some wag has said that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist. Next they'll say having white skin is racist. You can't make this stuff up, folks. Every time you come up with an idea that's completely stupid, the next day, some liberal will come out and say the same thing, seriously. And they're so stupid, they have no idea how stupid they are.

HILL LEARNED FROM BILL: Her answers in her recent “unusual” press conference (unusual because she usually doesn't hold them), the answers she gave were eerily reminiscent of those given by Bill in the past. Looks like she learned from the bastar...master, doesn't it? Of course, they were all lies. that's what the Clintons (both of 'em) DO. They never learned HOW to tell the truth.

DISOBEYING OBAMA: There's a growing call to stop federal funding for cities that refuse to obey immigration laws and actively search for known illegal aliens—those ubiquitous “sanctuary cities.” I agree that would be a good thing, but should that same tack be taken with cities who refuse to enforce Obama's useless gun laws? Or maybe applied to Obama himself since he refuses to obey many different laws? Actually, he “picks and chooses” what laws he will enforce, and those he will not, which in itself is lawbreaking.

OUTLAWING CASH? I knew it was coming, way back in the sixties when my cash was REFUSED when it came to buying an airline ticket in LA. I don't know if it's actually going to happen or not, but “word is” that Obama is going to OUTLAW cash, altogether, forcing us ALL to use credit cards or debit cards for all purchases. That way, Obama can keep complete track of ALL we do, all the time. Never mind that every time we use one of those nasty cards, we open ourselves up to fraud, from people who can make money simply by taking down that number and selling it to a crook. When it happens, I guess I'll start using the barter system.

THAT'LL FIX 'EM!” After those white on black killings in that black church in S. Carolina, they went right out and did something guaranteed to stop all the racist killings (except the black on white ones, of course) in the land. They passed a law in the S. Carolina legislature to take down the Confederate flag! There! That oughta make it impossible for white racists to kill black people! I understand a female “direct descendant” of Jefferson Davis went before the legislature and screeched her support for the measure.

BECAUSE OF CONFEDERATE FLAG? People are asking about how many people were killed by guns in Chicago over the July 4th weekend BECAUSE of the Confederate flag. What? Can they really BE that stupid? Talk about conflating separate things! The gun deaths in Chicago on July 4th were NOT because of that flag, they were because of the STUPID GUN LAWS that prevail in Chicago, that keep HONEST PEOPLE unarmed. Wake up and smell the gunpowder, people! Damn, what MASSIVE stupidity!

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