Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blame "Climate Change"

Where do these stupid ideas COME from? Martin O'Malley, Democrat candidate for president (a futile effort, that) now says “climate change is responsible for the rise of ISIS.” Really? I always say let liberals speak their minds and they'll always show their ignorance or stupidity, as O'Malley has done, here. He says the rise of ISIS can be traced back to a drought in Syria, which LED to the rise of ISIS. Boy, Democrats blame EVERYTHING on global warming, don't they? (Excuse me: I forgot, they now call it climate change because the globe hasn't BEEN warming for 20 years, now, so that swindle doesn't work, any more). I guess next they'll blame male pattern baldness, or excess flatulence on climate change. Others in the Obama administration blame it on “unemployment,” which is just as stupid.

WHO GETS TO DECIDE? Former General Wesley Clark says “All 'radicalized' Americans should be 'rounded up' and 'interned'.' And who gets to DEFINE “radicalization?” Him, of course. Or that's what he hopes. Isn't it Clark who once declared himself “in charge” in the federal government? This is how liberals THINK. They're so smart, they get to “intern” people for thinking differently than they do. Naturally, anybody who disagrees with them are WRONG. They think that goes without saying.

IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE! Gen. Raymond Odierneo, Army chief of staff says “Pulling out of Iraq was a big mistake, and led to the rise of ISIS." Not to mention the maiming, raping, beheading, and otherwise KILLING of millions of helpless people.Obama's also responsible for the millions of BABIES murdered by Planned Parenthood during his tenure, because his government gave BILLIONS of dollars to them, and of the many other deaths that result from his policies. Obama has the blood of all those people on his hands. How he does paperwork within his hands so smeared with blood is beyond me. Damn, what a “blood-smeared” president!

PLANNED PARENTHOOD RESPONDS: Planned Parenthood has responded to recent criticism of their baby murdering efforts by saying these “attacks” are just part of a long-running “bashing” of their organization by their enemies. Not a word about their “enemies” being right;  people who are OUTRAGED by them MURDERING babies and selling their organs to unscrupulous buyers. I think all the people involved in murdering these babies and selling their organs should be IMPRISONED, and some of them executed for murder. That includes Obama, who has given them BILLIONS of dollars to keep killing babies.

OBAMA WITHHOLDING DOCUMENTS”: Word is, Obama is withholding documents on his Iran “agreement” from Congress. Are you surprised? I'm certainly not. It's the only way he's going to get it by them (Gotta pass it into law to find out what's in it. -Nancy Peelosi). The entire “Obama Experience” is a phony. A sham. A con. From the cons he used to gain the presidency to the cons he used to get Obamacare passed, he's been conning us. He will still be conning us to the day he dies—if his very DEATH is not a con. This guy is a consummate con man who cares not how many people DIE from his cons.

CON DIES WAITING: A con waiting for execution under the law has died, beating the executioner. The average time spent in prison after being sentenced to death is 15 years. We need to simplify the appeal system to keep it from taking so long. When somebody is sentenced to death, it shouldn't mean he/she has 15 years yet to live. I like it the way it was in the old West, convict him in the morning, and hang him before sundown. Maybe not THAT quick, but a lot quicker. Even so, we need to make it harder to CONVICT in death sentence cases.

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