Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Gun-Free Environment"

On the window of the Naval Recruitment Center with 32 bullet holes in the glass, there's a sign that says, “This is a federal establishment. No guns allowed on these premises.” What the bloody HELL did this stupid sign do to prevent this Islamic terrorist (Whatever Obama says) from shooting up the place and killing SIX people? When are these FOOLS going to figure out that laws will NEVER do anything about crazies who want to shoot up such places? How many people must DIE before they figure out that SIGNS saying. “no guns allowed” will NOT deter these fools for a MINUTE? Damn! There are way too many fools making laws for us!

WAS IT ISLAMIC TERRORISM?” Or was it not? The shooting at that Naval installation in Chattanooga WAS Islamic terrorism! The feds are still trying to figure out what people with INTELLIGENCE already know. IT WAS! He SAID so on his web page, and I quote: “We must make the world better for Islam.” Is that not clear enough for these damned fools running this “investigation?” Is it so hard for them to say, “Islamic terrorism?” To many people, Obama's refusal to NAME it for what it is, is inexplicable. But not to me. He will not name it because he is a PART of it. He is a “closet Muslim” and he wants them to WIN, and has been doing everything he can to HELP. Only people who are INTELLIGENT can see this. If we lose this war it will be because our president ENGINEERED the loss. They'd better figure this out before it's too late.

A “RACIAL DATABASE”: Obama is compiling a database BASED on racism that will “outlast his administration” and form the basis for harassment of people THEY DEFINE as racists. This, from a president who promised us that electing him would END racism forever. He's setting up a database that will FACILITATE black against white racism for a long time, until “wiser heads” destroy it. Every day liberals define something new that “is racism.” They're defining EVERYTHING as racism (even the “American Dream” is racist, now), and that's what they will use as harassment against the people THEY define as racists. Which will probably reach YOU sometime soon if you're white.

KHAMENEI SPEAKS HOLDING GUN: Iran's “Supreme Leader,” Imam Khamenei spoke, while holding a gun, and said “We have no negotiations with America,” even while such negotiations are going on. I guess Obama isn't the only blatant liar, although I don't think he would speak while HOLDING a gun. Nor would any other American politician. They're too wimpy. Not only that, liberals would go BANANAS. They're so afraid of guns, if they saw one in the hands of another politician they'd wet their pants.

TRUMP'S A “JUNKYARD DOG” But that's what we need in this election, to cow that fool in the White House and his fool accomplices. They've all got big mouths, and all are lying. Trump is telling the truth. Maybe he was a little strong about McCain, but he was right about a lot of things concerning McCain. And remember, McCain STARTED it by saying the THOUSANDS of supporters who showed up in Arizona were “crazy.” Nobody seems to remember that. And McCain has gotten a lot of political mileage out of being a former POW. Just as Obama has done with being (half) black. And Trump is STILL second among Republicans. The flap hasn't hurt him among people who COUNT.

OBAMA FLIPPING US OFF? Is Obama flipping us off? Is he TRYING to push us into throwing him out of office? 
It seems like he just doesn't care what we think. Every day, it seems, he does something else GUARANTEED to outrage us. I'm getting tired of being mad at him, I NEED for him to be GONE. It seems like no amount of vast criticism fazes him. He just goes right ahead with his vile schemes and to hell with the BODIES that result from them. I certainly hope that, someday soon, we have a president in office that cares about AMERICA, not the Islamic terrorists and our other enemies. It seems like if it's good for us, Obama will do something else.

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