Monday, July 27, 2015

Iran: "We'll Trample On America"

Talk about chutzpa! Iran says, “We will trample on America!” I think the U. S. Army might have something to say about that. Maybe to the extent of “trampling on Iran.” This puts me in mind of a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. Iran seems to have gonads as big as bowling balls, but not much else. If they ever try anything like what they're threatening, they will simply cease to exist They will be one big parking lot for all eternity. They think they're the “cock of the walk,” but in reality, they're only “the walk,” and we will walk on them.

PEELOSI DEFENDS PLANNED PARENTHOOD: She says, “I'm not sure Planned Parenthood did anything wrong, but I'm not so sure about the “Center for Medical Progress.” I think Nancy goes out of her way to make outrageous statements. Or she's just plain loony. Remember, she's the one who said about Obamacare, “We must pass the bill to find out what's in it,” revealing a depth of ignorance I didn't even know she possessed. Apparently, to a Democrat, murdering babies and selling their organs isn't “something wrong,” but revealing it IS.

POPE IS INSANE! Pope Francis is insane! He says the Koran is the EQUAL of The Bible! And I don't care if I make Catholics mad. That's an insane statement. The Bible is a manual for Christians, and does not say anything about KILLING “unbelievers.” The Koran is FULL of admonitions for “good Muslims” to hate, lie to, and kill “unbelievers.” How ANYBODY could truthfully say they are the same is totally stupid. I can't believe the Pope is that stupid, so he must be INSANE, to make such a statement. I've also heard he has condemned capitalism. I believe he's been “taken in” by liberals, who have been poisoning his mind, and he should be removed because of mental instability. He's going against everything Catholics have stood for, for centuries.

BANNING CROSS-DRESSING: They banned cross-dressers from a Gay Pride event because it “might offend transgenders.” Oh, yeah? Who the hell CARES? They don't seem to care how much they “offend” straight people. Militant gays SEEK OUT bakers and other businesspeople who will refuse to do business with them so they can RUIN them. That would certainly “offend” ME! I don't give a damn what they do to each other behind closed doors. I DO give a damn when they DEMAND I not only NOT disapprove, but that I actively APPROVE. What I approve or disapprove is none of their damned business.

CONTROVERSY DOESN'T EXIST”: That's what Nancy Peelosi says. What's WRONG with this bimbo? Can't she see what's right in front of her face? Planned Parenthood is MURDERING BABIES! If that's not a “controversy, I don't know what WOULD be! But I expect such stupidity from anybody who thinks we “have to pass a bill into law in order to find out what's IN it!” The only thing that allowed this stupid bimbo to get into office is that stupidity is a REQUIREMENT to be a Democrat, and she's about the stupidest. And don't give me that “hate women” jazz. I'd say the same about a MAN who said the same things.

IMMACULATE, PERFECT”: That's what MSNBC's Chris Matthews says about Obama. What is this fool SMOKING? If there were ANY president LESS “immaculate” OR “perfect, Obama is it! He has spent us into bankruptcy, having spent more money than ALL former presidents, put together. He has managed to make a mockery of our “respect” in the world, and then claimed to have created MORE of it. He has moved this country ever closer to socialism—closer than any previous president. He has done all he could to HELP our ENEMIES kill as many people as possible, and move ever closer to coming here and killing US. Perfect? NO WAY!

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