Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"I've Said Repeatedly!"

Just because she has said it doesn't mean it's true. Just the opposite, actually. Hillary says we “must be affected by the heat” to keep demanding she turn over ALL her e-mails. Instead, she turned over SELECTED e-mails and DELETED others without allowing DOJ to see them. There must really be something incriminating in those e-mails. She says she has said REPEATEDLY that she will answer their questions, but she has not, and WILL not. This bimbo is the second worst liar out there right now. We all know who is the worst.

KILLING THE MESSENGER: The Center for Medical Progress (or something like that) videoed a Planned Parenthood doctor crowing over how much money she could make killing babies and selling their body parts that she wanted a Lamborghini and now THEY are being “investigated.” Never mind PP is MURDERING BABIES every day and profiting from it. They're more worried about how they were CAUGHT. Are the priorities in this country badly misplaced, or what? It's really bad when people discount BABY MURDER and want to charge those who are revealing it! How STUPID ARE we?

HATE SPEECH” IS ANYTHING: Anything that indicates disagreement with their position, anyway. Anything they say it is. Militant gays are now saying just using the words, “husband and wife” is “hate speech.” Are we so stupid as to accept this definition from known partisans? How STUPID are we if we do? This is “political correctness run amok.” And it should be IGNORED by intelligent people. As with ALL the new definitions designed to “incriminate” plain speaking and the right to say what you wish, which is GUARANTEED by the Constitution, the very term, “hate speech” to me is “hate speech.”

FREE SPEECH AT AN END? Seems so in Kentucky. Just weeks after their stupid ruling that gay “marriage” is legal in all 50 states (Obama thinks it's 57 states), pastors in Kentucky are being FORCED to sign a promise NOT to say being gay is a sin (Good luck with THAT!). That this violates the Constitution in SEVERAL ways goes without saying. First of all, it violates the Amendment that says, “NO LAW shall be made regarding religion or the practice thereof,” and it also violates the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech. (WND)

THEY'RE REALLY AFRAID: Atheists are really frightened when a county sheriff puts something like “In God We Trust” on his patrol cars. This action doesn't hurt atheists when Christians declare their faith, as does the actions of atheists in demanding such declaration NOT appear, anywhere. People who are REALLY faithful; to their “religion” don't worry about what others do to declare their faith (Take note, Muslims and atheists). But since atheism is a PHONY religion, they feel obligated to complain.

WHY CHURCHES, NOT NRA: There is a question out there as to why would-be shooters attack churches, schools, and theaters, but never a NRA meeting? The answer is simple to a thinking person: you can probably expect some of the people in the audience at an NRA meeting to be armed, and just the opposite at a church, school, or a theater, all of which are “no-gun zones.” Such people seek out “no-gun zones” to do their mass murder because they figure there won't be anybody there to put a couple in THEIR heads as soon as they start shooting. They want to kill a bunch of people before somebody kills them.

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