Friday, July 24, 2015

Any Voters Left?

As of now (July 21, 2015) the number of Republican presidential candidates is at 16. Boy, talk about “diluting” the turnout! Only a couple of Democrats have timidly declared their candidacy because they know that without the support of the people “behind the scenes” (the ones that “elbowed Hillary aside”before and she thinks are behind her now), there isn't much chance for any of them, though Bernie Sanders (an ADMITTED socialist), has made some inroads. on her. We all know they won't last, unless those “behind the scenes” manipulators decide so). We all know that, unless yet another Obama “comes out of the woodwork” with their support, Hillary will be the Democrat candidate, though a monkey could beat her on the Republican side (I hope). I just hope there are enough voters left after the GOP candidates are counted.

MARINES ARE AFRAID: At least, the people in charge of the Marines are afraid, though I doubt if the Marines themselves are as afraid as they are. They have told Marine recruiters not to wear their uniforms in public right now, since they seem to be “targets.” Not so for cops. They have to wear their distinctive uniforms with that big, shiny target on their chest, and ride around in those distinctively-decorated police squad cars, and HOPE nobody shoots them as they drive by. Frankly, I think it's all Obama's idea to deny the Marines the right to “give the finger” to those who want to intimidate them. Obama is the biggest coward in this plot.

THAT'S NOT HOW MARINES RESPOND”: That's the response to Obama from Marcus Luttrell, hero Marine sniper, when he heard about the order coming down not to wear their uniforms for a while. He further added that letting them have GUNS at their recruiting offices would guarantee no more Marines or Navy Gobs would die in such a shooting. Anybody trying it would die in an instant. Obama, DON'T disarm our military. In military institutions, or ANYWHERE. Don't disarm Americans. Like Tojo thought, one of the best defenses for America is “a gun behind every blade of grass.”

YOU'RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF”: You're embarrassing yourself, and your supporters.” That's what liberals tell Donald Trump, just as if that were true for Republicans, as well as Democrats. The truth is, Trump scares the HELL out of liberals/Democrats, because they KNOW he can “upset their little apple-cart” if he gets elected. And nobody is as aware as are liberals/Democrats when he shot to the TOP of the Republican charts the same day he announced. And he STAYED up there (second) after the McCain flap. And that frightens them, even more.

UN MORE IMPORTANT? Secretary of State John Kerry thinks the United Nations is more important than the American Congress. He's going to submit his Iran “agreement” to them, before to our own Congress. Wait....what? Where in the Constitution (which is the BASIS for ALL of our laws) does it say that the United Nations has a say in our treaties with ANYBODY? They don't Kerry should be FIRED for even THINKING of “running the Iran “agreement” by the UN before Congress. I knew Kerry was stupid, but not THAT stupid. I guess he is.

NO RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS? Obama says the former military and the disabled have no right to bear arms. What? Can he be that stupid? Where in the Constitution does it say that every citizen BUT former military and disabled have the right to bear arms? NO. It says “EVERY CITIZEN” has the right to be armed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any exceptions he makes in his “executive actions” DON'T COUNT. They can be ignored. He has made a lot of “laws” without Congress, and none of them constitute a law. They are NOT enforceable, except by force of arms, and THAT is against the REAL law.

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