Sunday, July 12, 2015

Stupid Theories

Not based on fact, but based on “flights of fancy.” She thinks Trump is a “mole,” who jumped into the fray to “suck up all the air” so nobody'd hear what other candidates are saying. Which is silly. How then, would we let Democrats show their stupidity? Then she says, “It's “interesting” that the illegal ALIEN who killed that girl in SF “randomly found the gun,” which, in itself, is a “pipe dream.” She actually BELIEVES that. In reality, he bought or stole the gun and is LYING about it. It's all part of his plan.

AN IMAGINARY RACIST: They're finding racists under every bed. Now they've unearthed (probably from under a bed) the “fact” that Atticus Finch, from the “Too Kill A Mockingbird” prequel, “Go Set A Watchman,” was a racist “who once went to a (gasp!) Klan meeting. Isn't it amazing how they can “make hay” with a FICTIONAL character in a book probably written by a liberal? Next, they'll find “evidence” that Martin Luther King was a racist. They're now saying the New Orleans symbol, the Fleur de Lis is racist. What amazing imaginations they have!

BUREAUCRATIC INCOMPETENCE: That's what accounts for the guy who killed nine people in that S. Carolina church being able to buy his gun from a gun store, LEGALLY. They ”went through the motions, but in the end. Allowed the sale. Which relieved him of the necessity of STEALING a gun. Somebody “dropped the ball” because of “too much paperwork.” Damn! Blame it on the paperwork, which is the “life blood” of the bureaucrat.

TRUMP'S VIEW TELLS US SOMETHING: His views on illegal immigration have rocketed him to the top of the list of the many Republican candidates for president. Shouldn't that tell us something about the opinion of a majority of AMERICANS? The only people who are objecting to him and his candidacy are LIBERALS. Which should also be instructive. The liberals think they can change people's opinions by their screeching against what frightens them (and Trump frightens them badly), but it SHOULD serve to tell us what is good and RIGHT. (The louder they screech, the more we should support what they're screeching about),

TRUMP MOVED TO LARGER VENUE: In Phoenix, Trump's rally had to be moved to a larger venue because requests for tickets exceeded their wildest dreams. Republicans and Democrats alike have criticized Trump for that. But if the GOP refuses to nominate him, they'll be going against a MAJORITY of the American people, which they have DEMONSTRATED by their actions. If they don't they will just be a “roadblock” to what America wants.

COMING FROM THE RIGHT: That's what Hillary says about all the criticism she is facing, as if. that discredits it. But I have to ask, “Where ELSE is it going to come from?” From her FRIENDS on the liberal side? Damn, this broad is STUPID. And she thinks we are just as stupid—and she's right, if you consider those who “pay no attention to politics.” Which I hope are not numerous enough to get her elected.

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