Friday, July 3, 2015

"Gaza An Islamic State Caliphate"

I guess the Islamic terrorists are as deluded as is Obama when he says he is “the New Reagan” if they think they can create an “Islamic state caliphate in Gaza.” Just because the Israelis agreed to let HAMAS run Gaza for a while doesn't mean they can make it into a Muslim “caliphate.” Yes, they're threatening to declare they are “part of ISIS." But in actuality, that means nothing. They're only “in charge” there because Israel ALLOWED it. And they can take it away of they wish.

STUPID VOTERS: Bernie Sanders is getting more people at his rallies than Hillary? You gotta be kidding! Hillary LEANS toward socialism, but Bernie is an AVOWED socialist. If ANYBODY doesn't know that socialism, or any other form of collectivism is DISASTER for America, they'd better do some studying. And not in socialistic sources, either, who routinely LIE to cover up what socialism really is. To actually LIKE socialism is the epitome of stupidity. And to like a socialist like Bernie is DECLARING their stupidity.

FOOLS SETTING STANDARDS: Why do we let FOOLS set standards for us? They come up with all kinds of stupidity and demand that we adhere to them. Most recently they decided (in their “wisdom”) that using the words “melting pot” was racist, and we're supposed to stop using those words or suffer being called racist. I got a clue for them. I don't subscribe to “political correctness,” and I don't allow fools like them to tell me what words I can use. I'm probably on several of those “racist” lists because I follow my own rules, not theirs. Meanwhile, I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, not by the color of their skin, or what they are and can't change.

APPROVING OF ISIS: According to at least one study, more than 42 million Muslims “approve” of the murderous ISIS. Are they STUPID, or what? ISIS is a band of murdering buttholes MASQUERADING as a “religious movement.” They are no more of a religious movement as is a few Christian extremists who like to kill people “for Christianity.” They like to think killing, raping, beheadings, and the like are something “their god” likes. They're wrong, and they're STUPID. And so are those who “approve” of them. Those people should be deported to Muslim countries. Forthwith.

A MODEL FOR AMERICA: France has expelled 40 radical Muslim preachers for preaching hatred, murder, and mayhem. This something that was long in coming, and it's a shame France was the first country to have the gonads to do it. America should do it, too, and also expel any other Muslims who show a propensity for violence, and do it NOW! And we need to start showing Muslims they don't get special consideration that allows them to ignore the rights of others, no matter what their religion dictates. That means no double parking hundreds of taxis in front of their mosques and not expecting tickets.

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