Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why Do We Care?

DO we care? Bruce Jenner (now calling himself “Caitland” Jenner thinks we should “Show more respect” for transgenders. What the HELL for? Do we “show respect” for other forms of insanity? No; we simply “treat” them, and if it is serious enough we put them behind walls while we “treat” them so they can hurt neither themselves or others. Jenner doesn't seem to realize this. I think this guy is just gay and doesn't want to admit it. He thinks if he can “become” a woman it will be okay to have sex with another man. I think it's ludicrous.

SHOULD BE IN PRISON: That asinine female spokeswoman for “Planned Parenthood” (which should be called, “Murder Incorporated”) should be in PRISON, not being quoted in newspapers and on television all over the world. The whole organization is a bunch of baby murderers and should ALL be in prison. You thought Dachau was bad. But at least they didn't crush baby's heads (spefically). Somebody needs to wake up to reality and make baby killing illegal again. What kind of damned FOOLS agree we should be able to KILL babies? For our own convenience?

PRIORITY OVER CONGRESS?” What the hell's wrong with that fool Kerry? He says the “UN has priority over Congress.” NOBODY “has priority over Congress!” Not even the PRESIDENT can “overrule Congress.” He may THINK he can, but he can't. All he can do is veto a bill the congress passed. He CANNOT wantonly “overrule” Congress in all things. Obama is NOT a king or a dictator, no matter how much he may think he is. We need to put this fool on the dungheap, where he belongs! What a PARODY of a president he is!

IS McCAIN UNTOUCHABLE? He is doing NOTHING about our border problems, and he lives in a state where he COULD, if he actually DID anything.. He is virtually USELESS as a United States senator. That is NOT mitigated by the fact that he IS a genuine American hero. He has been using that for years as a “shield” from criticism. Much like Obama is using his “black half” to call ALL his critics racists for disagreeing with him. It's a handy thing to be able to use. But it is fast wearing out, and it will soon similarly wear out with McCain.

ALL LIVES DO MATTER! Even if liberal fools disagree. The only reason they disagree is that saying ALL lives matter hurts their contention that ONLY black lives matter. Which is a FOOL contention on it's face. Martin O'Malley, blogger and presidential candidate, is getting a lot of flack for actually SAYING so. It really amazes me at what those liberal fools can be made to protest. The idea that ALL lives matter is so simple and TRUE, it doesn't even need justifying, except to the ignorant, which includes most liberals.

ISIS DOES SICK THINGS: Many people think ISIS wants to be the government. Not so. They want to be able to do things so terrible NOBODY would accept them as a government, and they can use that as an excuse to kill them in the worst way possible. Anybody who would send a CHILD to behead somebody is not just cruel, he is SICK. So sick that no amount of psychological treatment would BE a help. The only thing to do with such a person is to KILL them, in the most painful and long-lasting way possible. Forget hanging or deadly drugs. Gut shoot them and leave them on the trash heap where they belong to die slowly and in the most pain possible.

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