Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NYC Actions Unconstitutional

Mayor DiBlasio says NYC is “reconsidering” all the contracts involving Donald Trump after his comments (which are true) about illegal aliens being mostly criminals, something proven by facts. But, as with most liberals, DiBlasio's mind is made up, so don't CONFUSE him with facts. And, as for his actions being unconstitutional, in this day and age, with none other than the PRESIDENT ignoring the Constitution every day with impunity, who's going to call him on it? If a non-Democrat does, he'll be ignored.

THE “SILENT MAJORITY”: Donald Trump says We need to bring back the silent majority they used to talk about. I think the “silent majority” never went away. They're just being ignored, and are speaking out a little louder now as Obama trashes the Constitution and the country and purposely LOSES the war against Islamic terrorism.. Obama is going so far, they can no longer remain silent. Soon Obama is going to “meet his comeuppance,” and I'll be happy. Soon SOMEBODY is going to “grow a pair” and start REAL impeachment proceedings. Damn, I hope so!

TRUMP IS “KILLING THE GOP!” That's what liberals are saying, anyway. And I notice it's ONLY the liberals saying it. I don't think Trump is killing ANYTHING except the Democrat Party—and that's a GOOD thing. Trump is saying things we ALL should be thinking. He's even getting ME in his corner, and that's hard to do. And he DID NOT say ALL Hispanics are criminals. He said, MANY Hispanic illegal ALIENS are criminals, and they ARE. Including the 30,000 illegal aliens who have been convicted of MURDER that Obama turned loose in America, and are merrily killing hundreds more since their release. Soon to be THOUSANDS.

BLAME THE GOVERNMENT: The mother of Devon Staples, who was killed instantly when he drunkenly tried to set off fireworks on top of his head, wants to have the government make stricter laws as to who can set off fireworks. Doe she really think that would keep her son from getting drunk and accidentally committing suicide? It's always the government's fault, isn't it? They don't make enough laws to keep people from doing stupid things. And, of course, people are too stupid not to do them if there isn't a law against it. Laws will fix anything, won't they?

OBAMA'S “DEAD WRONG”: Dr. Ivar Giaever, a renowned climate scientist who voted for Obama, seven years later says, “Obama is dead wrong on global warming (or whatever they call AlGore's swindle now). This “fellow” Nobel Prize winner now stands opposed to Obama on the climate question—and he ought to be better qualified than Obama to comment, for sure. Giaever further says, Global Warming is a “non-problem,” and ridiculed Obama for saying “nothing poses a greater challenge than climate change.”

DEAR GOD, NO! They're “talking up” a nomination for Eric Holder as a Supreme court Justice. My God, how STUPID can DC politicians BE? Eric Holder as an unfirable judge of what's constitutional after he “ripped up” the Constitution so badly when he worked for Obama? My God, NO! We don't need any more DC criminals sitting on the “high court.” We already have enough Obama appointees undermining the Court as it is..Damn, it pains me that we allow crooked politicians to stain our most precious institutions by appointing idiots, fools, and criminals!

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