Sunday, July 19, 2015

"America: The BIggest Muslim country"

While Muslim terrorists are wantonly KILLING people all over the globe, Obama MANIPULATES figures to say, “America is the biggest Muslim country on Earth.” But NOTHING could be further form the truth (as usual, when Obama says something). Muslims are still GUESTS in this CHRISTIAN country. It BEGAN as a Christian country, and REMAINS a Christian country by CHOICE, no matter what this “hidden Muslim” may say. He remains a FOOL if he thinks the amount of Muslim interlopers there are living here and trying to interfere with our basic ways of living, that make us a “Muslim country.” It does not, and anybody who thinks so should be deported to a REAL “Muslim country” where he'll feel more comfortable, president, of not.

THE 'STRAW MAN”: The problem is crazies who shoot up churches, schools, and other places where innocent people gather. Liberals (Democrats). Of course, don't blame the right people. They blame an inanimate object, the Confederate Flag, (or a gun) which was once THEIR OWN SYMBOL and create a lot of “sound and fury” in an effort to get it BANNED. Meanwhile, the crazies are still out there, getting their guns, legally or illegally, and shooting up crowds of innocent people while their phony “sound and fury” over the Confederate flag covers up their political crimes and keeps people “stirred up” over trifles, not what's important.

SYSTEMATIC MURDER FOR PROFIT: Planned Parenthood is “Murder, Incorporated.” They KILL BABIES so they can sell their body parts. They do it SYSTEMATICALLY by visually with Ultra Sound, locating the organs they want to sell and CRUSHING parts around those organs (You know like the head, or the rest of the body while the baby is still clinically ALIVE). They tell us they “don't profit” from sales of these body parts. They only “Are reimbursed for their time in killing these babies and the cost of shipping the organs to the buyers.” Yeah, right! They're a “ “non-profit,” right? Bullsh-t! They're “baby-killers for profit.” Simple as that.

JUST JOBS”: That's what administration mouthpiece Marie Harf says about Islamic terrorism. “The Islamic terrorists are going about killing masses of Christians, Jews, and anyone else who don't believe EXACTLY the way they think they should because of a “shortage of jobs” in Islamic countries. All it would take is to “create some jobs” to make them stop it. What a damned FOOL this broad is! MILLIONS are out of work HERE, and they're not out killing, raping, and beheading people! Obama needs to figure out how stupid she is, and find somebody with some small amount of INTELIGENCE to speak for him. If HE'S smart enough.

THE BIG LIE: The president and Congress continually tell the “big lie” that federal law TRUMPS state law. It does NOT. The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States says this: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” That means the feds only have the powers GIVEN them by the STATES, or the PEOPLE. Therefore, federal laws DO NOT “trump” state laws in any way, no matter how much they protest. If the state objects to ANY federal law, according to the Tenth Amendment, they MUST prevail. What part of that do they not understand? They continually twist the meaning of this to their own purposes, but in reality, it just is NOT so.

ISLAMIC TERRORIST: Everything points inexorably to the fact that the shooter in Chatanooga was a firmly dedicated MUSLIM and that is what was the MOTIVE for his killing at least (for now, anyway) SIX people in his rampage before the cops killed HIM. But STILL, the Feds “don't know” what his motivation was. They're too stupid to figure out what any fool can see about this fool, on orders from our (closeted) Muslim president. Obama really needs to “come out” as a Muslim. Everybody knows it, and he's the only one who won't admit it (outside of his accomplices, that is.).

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