Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trump's "Controversial" Comments

There's only one problem Americans, they're what THEY are thinking. And no amount of “boycotting” of Trump's products and events is going to shut him up. Trump could “buy and sell” all these fools and never notice it. What they can't figure out is that Trump is the biggest danger they have ever faced to their “rule.” He can END them. And WILL if he gets elected. They're afraid of that, but they don't understand how inevitable it is. Even liberal Republicans are frightened of Trump since he decided to get serious about it..

LET THE SURVIVORS DO IT: They're trying to figure out right now what to do with that fool who wandered into a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and killed a bunch of innocent people. They're choosing between life in prison or the death penalty. I say they should put him and the survivors and their family members who want to participate in a room just big enough for all of them and tell them to “do what you want to him.” I'm sure the result will be eminently satisfying, except to him and HIS family. But he richly deserves it.

HEY, HEY! WHADDYA KNOW! “Americans view Hillary as more extreme than Republicans.” What damned fool notion came up with that, I don't know. I only know it wasn't a conservative who came up with it, Hillary is so OBVIOUSLY more extreme than ANY Republican, it doesn't even need to be discussed. Hillary is a DEDICATED SOCIALIST! Electing her would result in Obama's THIRD TERM, or WORSE. More extreme than a Republican? STUPID! Republicans are in NO WAY extreme. Unless you consider wanting less money taken away in taxes, smaller government, and less government interference in our lives, as well as LIVING by the Constitution instead of just giving it “lip service” while violating it every day to be “extreme,” that is.

COSBY IS GUILTY! At least, in the minds of those who WISH him to be guilty, that is. To them, the Democrat opinion that "Proof is not necessary, it's the seriousness of the charges that counts.” The charges against Cosby are “serious,” so no proof is available, or needed. That's the way liberals convict their enemies, and Cosby has more than once excoriated liberals and their positions. I don't know if he's guilty or not. But I haven't seen any PROOF, only the unsupported word of what appear to be opportunistic women who may be out to loot somebody with “deep pockets.” Bring on the proof, people!

NO GUNS ON BASE: Liberals are making a “big thing” about so many Marines being killed in that Chattanooga attack, but they're not mentioning the reason why that is: they're not allowed to carry weapons in any military base unless their duty requires it. Which reduces the possibility for them to effectively fight back. What this does is effectively make any military base into a “gun-free zone,” which is an OPEN INVITATION to anybody who wants to shoot them up. It makes our military people “sitting ducks” for people like that.

DOMESTIC TERRORISM”: That's what Obama and his fools call it in the Chattanooga shooting deaths at a military base. Completely ignoring the Islamic roots of the shooter. But this is normal for this fool and his fellow fools. They refuse to admit the roots of our enemies, while equating fighting Islamic terrorism with fighting ISLAM, itself. Which is a stupidity beyond measure. And these people are RUNNING things in this country and nobody is doing anything about them. Obama thinks if he can keep DENYING Islamic terrorism, America will not “wake up” to his cooperating WITH them.

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