Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

A female professor in Memphis who is well known for her racist tweets has done it again! She now blames her MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS on “white people.” This is an example of the quality of people universities hire to “educate” our children. I'm beginning to think that STUPIDITY is a requirement for hiring professors these days. And her brand of racism fits right in with the black against white racimt Obama is pushing.

WE'LL END UP FIGHTING IRAN: I've seen it before with Japan. Until they bombed Pearl Harbor we were “negotiating” with them. We were still “negotiating” with them as the bombs first began to drop. We “negotiated” with Hitler and Germany, until his actions became too much. Then we “negotiated” with N. Korea until that war started, then with Vietnam until we had to start fighting them. Now we're “negotiating” with Iran. How long until we are forced to go to war against them? AFTER this criminal regime gains nuclear power and is able to kill more of us before we make a parking lot of their country?

NO TELEPROMPTER: Didja notice? When Scott Walker made his speech announcing his candidacy for president, there was one item missing. And item that is not only usually present, but is ubiquitous in Obama's speeches. He needs it even when he goes to visit a school and talk to kids. That is the teleprompter to tell him what to say. Teleprompters do not always mean what a politician says is phony. They DO say he is not as sure of what he is saying as he might be and needs help remembering. They were not necessary for Walker because he BELIEVES what he was saying, and MEANT it emphatically. Therefore, he didn't need a teleprompter to remind him of what he wanted to say. That's the kind of president we need.

A HATEFUL SMEAR: That's what the Confederate flag has turned into in the hands of the liberals. Yet previously it was the symbol of the DEMOCRAT PARTY. Bill Clinton even “wove it into” his campaign material with a button showing his and AlGore's face superimposed on a Confederate flag symbol. But today, they're turned its meaning completely around, turning it into a “hateful smear campaign” against all things Southern. Liberals CLAIM to be the most “accepting” people around, but in reality they are the most bigoted. And they insist EVERYBODY be as bigoted as they are. Or else.

LEAVE BYRD OUT OF IT! Liberals are making a “big thing” of painting the Republicans as racist boobs without telling you that the biggest racist boobs have always been the DEMOCRATS. They make a big effort to destroy symbols of what they want us to believe are symbols of racism, but completely ignore the racist background in their own party. Remember the riots of the sixties? Jim Crow and all that? Jim Crow and the people they were rioting against as bigots were DEMOCRATS. Many of the people demonstrating on the “bigot side” later went on to be members of Congress. The best known of those was Robert (Sheets) Byrd (a former high-ranking KKK member), whose name is attached to just about every edifice in Virginia. There were many others, and most of them were Democrats.

IRAN “FINES” AMERICA! What a bunch of damned fools they are to think they could actually COLLECT on the $50 billion “fine” an Iranian judge decreed against America for “harming” the people of Iran and their “friends (one being Saddam Hussein).” This “judge” needs to be put in a “rubber room” with all the rest of the delusional fools in that regime. This, more than anything else, proves the futility of even TRYING to “negotiate with this delusional regime. Damn! Why can't our delusional politicians see that?

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