Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10th Amendment Next

Obama and his accomplices in crime, now that they have destroyed the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. The one that tells us that the STATES are PRE-EMINENT when it's a question of the power of either the states, or the federal government. What that means is that, on the basis of not one, but TWO constitutional amendments, their ruling about “gay marriage" is unconstitutional. Of course, as long as Obama is in charge, the “fix is in,” and no matter what the Constitution says, it'll go his way. And he and his accomplices in crime are even now coming up with their scam to discredit the Tenth Amendment.

ALL REPUBLICANS RUNNING: At least, it seems like it. With NJ Governor Chris Christie's announcement he's running, that brings the number to 14. I note the suspicious absence of Sarah Palin from that “august group.” Why? Because Democrats and Republicans alike are frightened of this woman because she speaks the entire truth, and they have worked together to discredit her. My own doctor, who is a staunch Republican, is convinced she is “unelectable,” so nobody (but people like me who live in the real world) seems to be able to understand otherwise. The same seems to be true across the spectrum of politics. But she is eminently electable, and that's what frightens Democrats, and “The Old Guard” Republicans.

PEDOPHILES UNITE! Now that gay marriage has become legal in all 50 states (illegally) pedophiles are beginning their march toward legitimacy for having sex with children. They're claiming that theirs is “just one more sexual orientation just like heterosexuality or homosexuality and that it should be “legalized.” Apparently today, there is no perversion that will not be “legalized” by this liberal Supreme Court (regardless of what the Constitution says), and I expect them to legalize pedophilia before long, and people (like me) who are against it will be labeled as bigots. Don't think so? Just wait.

THEY WANT SHARIA LAW: A new poll by the Center for Security Policy says that HALF of Muslims living in America would LIKE to be living under Sharia Law. It really amazes me that fully HALF of an entire people could be so stupid. If that's what they want, why did they emigrate to the United States, where there is NO CHANCE of Sharia Law ever becoming a legal entity? Maybe they should just go back where they came from if they want to live under this abomination of a system of law. But they mostly came here to make trouble, so they're “staying put.”

FREEDOM FROM RELIGION”: That seems to be the way liberals look at “freedom OF religion” in this country, and they work HARD to ELIMINATE religion from our life, claiming that's what the Constitution required. Of course, as with most things they preach, that's wrong. What the Constitution says is that “Congress WILL make NO LAWS (NO LAWS!) regarding religion or the practice thereof.” It does NOT say that religion should be ELIMINATED from life in America. What amazes me is that Vladmir Putrid...er, uh, Putin, Russian “big boss,” is criticizing us for “abandoning God,” when the communists and socialists in Russia have ALWAYS been against God.

HALAL MEALS FOR PRISONERS: Muslims are working assiduously for “Halal Meals” for ALL prisoners in American prisons, whether they're Muslim or not. Whether they want it or not is also ignored. They want it, so they'll probably get it, in Obama's Muslim-loving America. Bit by bit, little by little, they're “inserting themselves” into American society, like the “camel's nose”, and soon they'll be FULLY “in the tent,” and we'll be outside. And the way Obama and his accomplices treat everything they demand, soon they'll be in charge of most everything.

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