Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Guns Showing Up

More and more guns from Obama’s ill-advised gun-running scheme called, “Fast and Furious” have shown up at crime scenes, yet Obama remains free. Obama controls the means of prosecution and won’t let go because then he’d be charged with ALL his crimes and he’d be set to prison. He is so cocky, I’m sure he’s going to go too far and get his comeuppance.

BOTH SIDES SHOOTING: In Egypt, it’s not only the cops shooting at demonstrators, it’s demonstrators shooting the cops. The only problem is that innocent people get caught in the crossfire. Mike Dean, a cameraman for Sky News, and another newsman were shot and killed while they did their jobs and reported the killings on both sides in Egypt. It’s no longer a simple demonstration; it’s now a revolution; a rebellion and Muslims are killing each other(as usual). They’re also victimizing Christians, burning churches and killing Christians. It’s hard to know who to root for, so we root for no one and hope they stop killing each other (and Christians) soon.

OBAMA: WE HAVE NO DOMESTIC SPYING: What a LOAD! It has been proven that there IS a “domestic spying program! Does Obama think just because he says there is none that we’ll actually BELIEVE him? He is known as somebody who can (and will) look you right in the eye and lie to you. So why should ANYBODY believe a word he says? The emperor is NAKED! And he doesn’t realize it (or won't admit it).

A REAL POLICED STATE: No, that’s not a typo. America IS now  “policed state.” When 14 GOVERNORS could be served with “notice of arrest” (National Security Letters) and be PROHIBITED from even MENTIONING it to anybody, that’s a “policed state.” They received them for trying to organize a “state defense force” and were threatened with arrest for TREASON by OBAMA, of all people! The main PRACTITIONER of treason in America! And didja see ANYTHING about this in the liberal media? Not a chance!

“CRIMINAL CENTRAL”: Seems like they know where the most criminals live: Washington, DC! And most of them are in elected or appointed positions in our own government! Just a few of them aren’t, and are “fair game” for those who are (as are we). The crooks in the government can hunt down and remove the competition from those who aren’t “authorized,” and they will. Even some who ARE “authorized,” as witness the item above on Obama (the chief traitor) about him issuing National Security Letters to 14 GOVERNORS who tried to organize “state defense forces.” Funny: seems to me that a GOVERNOR can do so, even if Obama doesn’t like it. All he has to do is call it something else, like a special POLICE force. Use Obama’s own tactics against him.

I’LL SAY IT AGAIN: Why do they make such a big thing about “A-Rod” doping? It’s too bad they see fit to ruin the life and career of a man who did what he had to do to compete with many others who were doping because so many people in baseball (and other sports) are doing the same. If someone is doing something to “get a leg up on you” then you MUST do the same thing or not be competitive. He wished to remain competitive, so he did it.

GUN GRABBERS USE EMOTION: In a tacit admission that they have no logical argument against guns for self-defense, they recently put out a “guide” for gun grabbers in which they tell them to make their arguments as “emotional” as possible while using CHILDREN to bolster their arguments. They just can’t seem to understand that CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING will not obey one that says they can’t be armed.

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