Monday, August 12, 2013

Cop Fired for Calling Trayvon A Thug

I guess the days of being able to say what you think without retaliation are gone. At least, if you are a cop in a police force where the police politicians disagree with what you say. Todd Snipes, a beach officer stationed about 40 minutes away from where Trayvon was killed, said, in a Facebook post, “Another thug gone” about Trayvon’s killing and was FIRED after 15 years of service. The bad thing is, he was right. They called his post “racial,” though it was not. Just because the thug is black (and he told the truth) does not make it racial. I guess it’s a good thing I can’t be fired.

SHARPTON WHIPS UP MORE RACISM: Wherever there is something he can use to enhance his income, there is Sharpie—er, uh, Sharpton. This time in support of a racist claim that a white cop shot and killed a black thug without cause; a claim made by his mother, who thinks her child can do no wrong. He was being chased by cops while committing a crime. The cop shot him when he thought this thug had a gun. Leave it to Sharpton to take as much advantage of this as possible. He is holding a “rally” about it. I’m sure he has something there to get “contributions” to the “charities” he controls, totally.

FT. HOOD SHOOTER DEFENDS HIMSELF: But he does nothing. After telling the court he did it “to defend his Islam friends,” he just sits there. His lawyer assistants even tried to resign because he did nothing to defend himself. Is he engaged in his own “suicide attack” where he expects the government to put him to death after not killing him where he stood while he was shooting and killing innocent people? Obama still refuses to call his act an act of terrorism, even after he has said it was in open court. What is WRONG with that fool in the White House? The Ft. Hood killings WERE a terrorist act, even if that fool Obama still calls it “workplace violence.”

MEXICO FREES AGENT MURDERER: Drug Lord Caro Quintero walked free after 28 years in prison for torturing and murdering DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, who was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered in 1985. They did it “in the dark of night” without even notifying American authorities. This after a payoff was made to government people in their Justice System. The only reason he was convicted is that Reagan closed down trade with Mexico until something was done in this murder. The action now reverses the action they took then now that a president who is a lot weaker is in office.

“STOP AND FRISK” UNCONSTITUTIONAL: New York City claims their “stop and frisk” policy helped lower crime rates, which it may well have done. But it IS unconstitutional, and it’s high time it was declared so. Frankly, if a cop stopped me on the street while I was minding my own business and demanded to frisk me, there would be a lawsuit in short order and it would be on the individual cop who did it, as well as the city.

ISLAM THREATENS US: A representative of al-Qaida says, “Islam is coming and there is no other choice.” Which only shows the complete IGNORANCE of thiscocky “fifth-century stooge.” Islamic terrorists might be able to kill some people in their attacks on “soft targets” who are not expecting them, but they are no match for an organized group who are well-trained and armed.. They will die when they try it, but apparently that’s what they want. We’ll be happy to assist them in that endeavor.

UNLAWFUL POLICE RAIDS: It’s being reported way too often that SWAT Teams raid private homes WITHOUT WARRANTS and get away with it. Sometimes they even kill the owners of these private homes when they, not knowing these are cops, come at them with lawfully-owned guns. when they're dead, a warrant would not help. In other cases, dogs innocently try to protect their owners and are wantonly killed. There is a good reason for SWAT teams; as criminals become better armed and better organized, cops have to keep up with them. But they’re way too often being misused. This needs to stop.

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