Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zimmerman's Wife Convicted

She was convicted for her attempt to minimize the financial effect of the government’s effort to demonize her husband by hiding money in her own and her sister’s bank account so as to minimize the amount the government demanded for bail for her husband. Yes, that is illegal; but what the government did to Zimmerman SHOULD be illegal, but is not. This is typical of the government; if they can’t “get” Zimmerman, “get” his wife for whatever you can trump up.

“WE’LL SET ISRAEL ON FIRE”: That’s what one Syrian “official” said they’d do if they were attacked, by ANYBODY. What they don’t think about is what Israel did to several Islamic countries in the “Six-Day War.” And they’re in much better shape today than they were then. If Syria attacks Israel, then Israel will make them SO sorry! They think they’re invulnerable, but they’ll learn different if they attack Israel.

“THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER”: That’s what Martin Luther King said was his dream: for people to judge each other “by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.” It’s that simple: people need to judge each person they meet as an INDIVIDUAL, not as a group. I remember one Star Trek episode that made the foolishness of racism evident. It featured two brothers, both of whom were white on one side and black on the other. They hated each other because they were black and white on different sides.

BLACK ON WHITE CRIME: Iquise Taylor (What kind of name is “Iquise?” I'd be mad at the world if my mom gave me a name like that.), A black male 17 years old (an “innocent child, according to liberals) kicked in the back door on 93-year-old Amelia Rudolph’s home and brutally raped her. What kind of fool rapes a 93-year-old woman but for hate? His DNA was found INSIDE her body, thus proving the rape. He might claim it was “consensual sex,” but what 93-year-old white woman would WANT to have sex with a 17-year-old boy, of ANY color? Where he’s going, he’ll learn all about rape.

AL-JAZEERA’S TERRIBLE RATINGS: The new al-Jazeera cable network (which bought AlGore’s failing television network, has now been in business for one week, after hiring a lot of gullible people (mostly liberals, who know no better) and spending a lot of money to do it, suffered from miserable ratings—and it’s only going to get worse as time goes on. They just can’t understand that a network funded by our enemies can’t survive.

“NEVER HEARD OF THAT”: Many Americans are unaware of the murder of Chris Lane by two black teens (“innocent children”) and one white. But they’ve certainly heard about Treyvon Martin! The media has made sure of both by playing up Treyvon Martin’s killing and playing DOWN Chris Lane’s murder by black kids. Obama’s forces have successfully “demonized” Treyvon’s killer (who killed in self-defense). His life will never be the same.

There is no provision in the hiring of Obama’s “navigators,” those given the job of “enrolling” people into Obamacare (Obama’s health care swindle). They will have access to people’s most private information and if they’re criminals (which some will be), can take advantage of their position to use such information to steal from those they “enroll.” Does Obama care? No. Or he would make sure this kind of person could not be hired.

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