Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Was Lazy

I admit it. I was lazy yesterday. When it came time to update my blogs, I just didn’t have the energy. That comes, it seems, with old age; and I am OLD. I’ll be 75 soon, and that’s the age my mother was when she died. Age takes a toll on all of us. There is much more I could be doing to open people’s minds to the danger of accepting the atrocities Obama is wreaking upon this country, but I just don’t have the energy to do them. I need an “apprentice;” somebody like William W. Johnstones’ nephew, J. A. Johnson, who can help me in my later years and take over when I’m gone. But there is nobody, so far. My son agrees with me mostly, but he is blazé about it. My grandson even worked to elect Obama to a second term although he SAYS he agrees with me (he said it was “just a job” when he needed one). But I know nobody with the “heat and fire” I’d trust to continue my work, and that’s sad. I won’t have to live under what’s coming—they will. And when I’m gone, that will be one less voice to say the truth

FOX--THE COURT CHANNEL: Seems like all I’ve been seeing on Fox lately is court proceedings. I’m getting very tired of Fox (and others) going “wall-ti-wall” on court cases. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat and watched boring court testimony in one case or another. There was Casey Anthony, and then the one where a girl murdered her boyfriend, and before that the O. J. Simpson case, and numerous others  Then there was “Baretta,” Zimmerman, and today Ariel Castro (the guy who kidnapped three girls and kept them as sex slaves for ten years), which was only a sentencing hearing, since he confessed. Meanwhile, other news “waited in line” while lawyers droned on and asked questions about the tiniest detail. I guess the Ft. Hood killer is next.

TIRED OF “OBAMASPEAK”: I’m getting to the point where I turn of the sound every time I hear Obama’s voice on the television (which I usually keep on while I’m working in case something important happens). And it happens way too often. It seems like Obama is on television every day for some reason, telling us about how he’s going to “use my executive powers” to do something or other, things he has no power to do at all. And nobody’s “calling him” on it, so he gets away with it. We need to have somebody to oversee executive orders and make sure they’re used properly, not as just a way to “go around Congress.”

OBAMA IGNORING THE LAW: Obama MUST stop foreign aid to countries that have a “coup.”  It's the law. So he does it, anyway, and sends millions of dollars to Egypt after refusing to call their coup a coup. He has issued many executive orders when Congress won’t do what he wants. According to his own law, he hasn’t the power to stop enforcing portions of his health care swindle law; but he goes right ahead and does it for his friends. The Constitution says he MUST enforce the laws of the land, but, in addition, he REFUSES to enforce the immigration laws and SUES Arizona when they make a law demanding he enforce federal law. This guy thinks he’s a DICTATOR and, so long as nobody opposes his criminal acts, he is.

WHICH IS IT? Obama (both of ‘em) are hollering about “starving children” which don’t exist and “obese children,” which do. They can’t have it both ways. Are kids starving? Or are they overweight? Meanwhile I look at welfare recipients and most of THEM are obese. Apparently, they’re doing okay in the eating department. But it really bothers me when this government screams about BOTH SIDES of a problem. That tells me they’re wrong on BOTH SIDES and are just using them as a means to further restrict our rights and tax us even more.

WHY COVER UP BENGHAZI? Obama is obviously covering up something about the Benghazi killings. He’s hiding the survivors and moving them around the country, changing their names. Now we hear that CNN has interviewed one of the culprits in the Benghazi attack—who has NOT been hiding. Why can’t the “all-powerful” US Government find this man? Because, for some reason, they don’t WANT to. Does that tell you anything? If it doesn’t, you need to WAKE UP! Obama is acting more and more like a mob boss who does anything he wants while giving you the middle finger..

“DOUBLE-DEALING”: The feds tell us it is a nasty thing to demand a photo ID in order to vote because people can’t afford them. Why not? They can get them FREE. But I’ve just been notified by the Post Office (a federal agency) that I need to present PHOTO ID for every person who gets mail at my mail box. Is this not a perfect example of  “double-dealing?” Next, you’ll need a photo D to get into the TOILET! But not to prove your identity in order to VOTE for important offices like the presidency.

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