Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hillary Is Poison

Liberals all over are singing Hillary Clinton’s praises, hoping to get her into the president’s chair in the next election. It seems it’s “her turn” after she “stepped aside” so an unknown (Obama) could “take over” the top spot in 2008 and move us ever closer to socialism. Obama, with the help of the corrupt Democrat Party, conned his way into the presidency by hiding his birthplace, lying about his past in two books of fiction (he didn’t call them that, but that’s what they were), sealing all his past records when he BECAME president, and ruining everybody whose influence could hurt him. Hillary helped, and got the plumb job of Secretary of State, where she failed miserably and got people killed. Now they want to make her president.

IS PRESIDENT OBAMA AN ALIEN? I don’t know. He’s done a masterful job of hiding every truth there is about his past, including his birthplace (Kenya?), his education, job history, and everything there is to know about him. Nobody who went to the schools he claims at the time he was supposed to go there remembers him. He lies every time he opens his mouth (I thought Bill Clinton was a good liar, but he’s a piker beside Obama). He works hard to make it look like he’s not actually doing all the bad things that he has done so he can’t be blamed. The latest is the NSA spying scandal, which he says he wants to :”clean up.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Nobody in government wants a government shutdown except Obama (It was his idea, just like the sequester was). He figures if he can cause it while blaming it on the Republicans, the Democrats are “home free” in the 2014 elections and can win the presidency again in 2016 “going away.” He’s wrong, because America is “onto him.” He has gone too far, too many times and we now know it. Getting rid of him is top priority for everybody, including most of the Democrats and even the press, which he has OWNED for most of his administration.

ARIZONA WILL GET NO HELP: Many states have had disasters: fires, floods, tornadoes, etc. and all have gotten some federal help—except for Arizona. Because it was the only state to make a law DEMANDING he enforce his own federal immigration and border laws, and the only state he SUED because of it. He will not lift a FINGER (except maybe his middle one) to help them. John McCain, long-time senator from Arizona, who opposed him in 2012 and lost (because of his own incompetence) is now his ally and confidante (he may have been, all along). But then, he’s senile.

SNOWDEN IS A WHISTLEBLOWER: Obama says he is a traitor, and if he gets his hands on him, he will go to prison for a LONG time. Yes, he let some secrets out, and filled the American people in on what Obama was doing to their private e-mails and telephone calls (which he denies he had anything to do with, of course). Now Snowden is probably the first American citizen to have been given asylum from the United States in, forever, if ever.

SUE HIM FOR SLANDER: Somebody ought to sue that artist who painted a picture of Zimmerman shooting Trayvon IN THE BACK for slander. I certainly would. That’s about the lowest thing I’ve ever seen, and while watching liberals at work, I’ve seen some of the LOWEST. They’ll claim it’s just somebody’s “opinion” and, like the cartoonist Doonesbury, painters don’t need to tell the truth like newsmen do (if they would).

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