Friday, August 16, 2013

"What Difference:" Indeed?

Hillary Clinton shows her indifference to the killings in Benghazi by asking, “What difference does it make now?” But it DOES make a BIG difference. There are four PEOPLE dead because of her indifference, and the Islamic terrorists now have 400 American made missiles to use in killing more and more innocent people. “What difference doe it make?” indeed! That statement alone should make it impossible for her to even be considered to run for president. But she’s a Democrat, so that won’t happen.

JOINING THE SWINDLE: The League of Conservation Voters—which must be a liberal outfit, is running ads (in Colorado as well as elsewhere) to “jump on the bandwagon” in AlGore’s phony “climate change” swindle (formerly “global warming” until Al noticed the globe hadn’t been warming for 15 years). It must be part of Obama’s new scheme to take advantage of the “climate change” swindle—or at least an attempt to take advantage of it.

MAKING EXCUSES FOR JESSE: Jesse Jackson is now making excuses for his son’s crimes. He blames it on him being “bi-polar” He says his brother and father are also bi-polar (which answers a lot of questions about Jesse himself). I have a bi-polar brother who is bi-polar after four years as a U. S. Marine in Viet Nam, and he hasn’t become a criminal. I guess if you come from a criminal family and are bi-polar you will become a criminal, too.. But he’s a Democrat. So when he gets out of prison, he’ll probably run for office again, and win, as many Democrats do.

CLOWN BANNED FROM STATE FAIR: Because he made the mistake of wearing an Obama mask in a rodeo in the Missouri State Fair, he has been banned from that fair for life for "making fun of the Prophet." Nothing of the kind happened to the clown who, years ago, wore a BUSH mask; which tells me a lot about the politics involved. It isn’t about racism, it’s simply Democrat politics, as usual.

ADMITTING HER STUPIDITY: Liberals say Fox News is strictly “right-wing.” But one Fox contributor recently said, on camera fergawd’ssakes, “I’m a fan of Obama.” Which is tantamount to saying, “I’m stupid!” Fox probably has more liberals on staff than any other news organization. And libs call it “right-wing?”

MATTER OF PRIORITIES: Obama and his fools are more concerned with what happens to a CLOWN who did nothing more than wear an Obama mask in a rodeo than who killed four embassy staffers in Benghazi, Libya a year ago. And he spends more time worrying about that clown than the Islamic fools who killed our people. As far as that clown is concerned, the ANNOUNCER is the one who should be BANNED. He’s the one stirring up” the crowd. NOBODY should be punished for that clown wearing an Obama mask, just as nobody was a long time ago when one wore a BUSH mask. Damn, what a “double-standard” those liberals maintain.

BLAMING THE COPS: Cops arrested a dope dealer the other day. He swallowed some cocaine. He died because of his own stupidity. So his family is blaming cops for his death. How STUPID are they? Yeah, right: if they hadn’t arrested him, he wouldn’t have done such a stupid thing as swallow cocaine. Naturally, the cops are at fault, hey? Damn, are people stupid! Some people reveal their stupidity just by opening their mouths.

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