Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We Know Where Her Mind Is

Karen Gould, the first woman college president, caused her school to spend $107,000.00 to design a new logo after she decided their old one was “a giant phallic symbol.” I don’t see it. It’s just a depiction of the capitol building dome. But now we know where her mind stays.

THE SHORTEST LIFE SENTENCE IN HISTORY: James (Whitey) Bulger has been condemned to life in prison for his many crimes, which include a number of murders. This will probably be the shortest life sentence ever meted out, considering the length of his expected life. If I ever kill anybody I hope my sentence ends up so short. Too bad we can’t revive him and kill him again.

WHY DOES GOD LET BAD THINGS HAPPEN? I try never to get into religious arguments because they’re mostly based on “faith,” rather on fact (Now THAT statement will get me a lot of mail by itself, though true), but after a five-year intensive study of ALL religions in my “misguided youth,” trying to find common beliefs between all religions I discovered many things: one of them is that God doesn’t “control” what happens here on Earth. He gave us “free will,” which simply means, “You’re on your own, people.” He merely judges us when we reach his door.

WHY NO ID TO VOTE? Liberals continue to fight vociferously against requiring a “picture ID” in order to vote. They SAY that “disenfranchises the poor,” which is a LIE. Today, you need a photo ID to buy Sudafed at a drug store’ you need one to enter ANY government building or drive a car. To refuse to require one for such an important thing as electing a PRESIDENT is the act of a FOOL, but is insisted upon by liberals, in both parties. Not requiring it guarantees voter fraud, which liberals say does not exist. How do they know, with no way to find it?

TREASURY RUNS BIG DEFICIT: That’s news? Yes; it ran a $98 BILLION deficit in just July, 2013. But the national debt number didn’t change at all. It remained at $16, 699,366,000,000.00. Wonder how that happened? Do you suppose Obama is fiddling with the numbers again? I wouldn’t doubt it. He fiddles with ANY number that can reveal his foolishness on the economy,

I’d be very critical of the Egyptian “government” for doing that if I didn’t know the Muslim Brotherhood (one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the world) was the “opposition.” If I didn’t know who they were, I’d be happy to see them push a “government” armored car off a bridge. But the demonstrators shot at troops, too. It’s hard to tell who to cheer for in the Middle East when one faction of Muslims fight another. Like in Syria, where Obama is sending arms to Syrian rebels, who have been “taken over” by Muslim extremists.

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