Thursday, August 8, 2013

"The Money's Out There"

 “We just have to take it.” That’s the opinion of Keith Ellison, the only Muslim congressman in Congress. He thinks the government OWNS all the money and people who don’t want them to just “move in and take it” are wrong. How did we (not me) elect such a fool to office? I speak not of his being a Muslim (although that does speak to his thinking processes), but because of his stupid thinking, Money does NOT “belong to the government” to spend as they wish.

AMERICANS DON’T KNOW SOCIALISM: I came upon this comment as I researched the possibility of New Zealand being socialist. Another person said only “badly misinformed people” thought New Zealand was socialist. I could find no definitive information one way or the other on that; but one thing I do know is what socialism IS. It was defined by their own words: “FROM each according to his ABILITY and TO each according to his NEEDS.” It’s a typical insult to say we do not know what socialism is. More than likely that describes the person who said this.

“GITMO SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN OPENED”: That’s Obama’s opinion. Why? What SHOULD we have opened to hold the “prisoners of war” we collect on the battlefield? Where SHOULD we keep those murderers and rapists we capture while they are killing our people? Without GITMO there would have to be another place to keep them and liberals like that fool in the White House would STILL say it should be closed and those murderers released to kill some more. Damn, we (not me) sure elect some fools!

HAS OBAMA “ENDED” TWO WARS? Not even! He “ended them by RUNNING! He decided, unilaterally, to leave Iraq and Afghanistan while the “war” in both places goes on with their citizens being murdered by Islamic terrorists every day, and at a faster pace every day. “Ended the wars?” NO. He only RAN from them both. Running is NOT winning!

OBAMA FILES “SEALED CHARGES” IN BENGHAZI: What” “Sealed charges?” In America against those in Libya who did the Benghazi killings? How stupid! They don’t even know where these people ARE! Chances are, especially now, they never will. This is a typical Obama “shell game” to make us THINK he’s doing something about the murders in Benghazi, and he did it just before the election. Surprise, surprise! He made the “charges” sealed so we’ll never know it’s just a scam to divert us.

MAJOR INSURANCE FLEES OBAMACARE: Aetna, Blue Cross, United, Humana flee Obama’s health care swindle. They are not going to participate in his swindle by refusing to accept patients from his “Exchanges,” which are the only way people can receive the subsidies Obama is promising. They mostly don’t like having to cover pre-existing conditions, a requirement that guarantees bankruptcy for them.

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