Sunday, August 25, 2013

Obama Is In Denial

Obama has a habit of denying everything, regardless of reality. He says “We don’t have a domestic spying program” while evidence mounts that we do. Then he says “We don’t have a spending problem” while our budget goes over 2 TRILLION dollars for the first time in the history of this country while he spends more money than there IS.. He calls his scandals “phony scandals.” Who does this damned fool think he’s fooling besides himself? He’s “in denial” about almost everything.

DON’T EXECUTE NIDAL HASAN: That’s what he wants. In his twisted thinking, that will get him his “74 Virgins” to screw throughout eternity without making them non-virgins. I think he should be given life at hard labor while being a cell mate to “Big Jake,”  who likes anal sex with short, bald Muslims and is built like a donkey. Maybe then he’ll find out about martyrdom, which he shouldn’t get.

ABORTION IS MURDER! That’s it; plain and simple. Abortion stops a beating heart. It takes away the right to life from an innocent infant who never had a chance at life. It’s bad enough to do it in the first three months of a pregnancy, but they now allow it up to, and INCLUDING after the birth if the child survives the first abortion attempt. That call it “the woman’s right to control what happens to her body,” but that’s a lie. It is a child’s right to life, even if mom didn’t use a rubber. How many Steve Jobs’ and Albert Einsteins have we (not me) murdered in our “holocaust?”

ABORTION IS OUR “HOLOCAUST”: The Germans murdered six million Jews in their “final solution” to the “Jew Problem.” But we’ve murdered MANY MORE MILLIONS of innocent infants (of all religions) in our quest to make killing the result of unprotected sex a good substitute for using a rubber. The Germans knew what was going on; some didn’t like it and others did. Just like today with abortion. They gave it an innocuous name to mask what they were doing, just as Hitler did. But both are holocausts, recognize it or not.

STOP HILLARY: Hillary Clinton has done more damage to this country than Bill ever hoped to do. She is about as incompetent as has been ANY politician—which is probably why Democrats want her for president. She got four people MURDERED in Benghazi, even if she WAS carrying out Obama’s orders in refusing to send help. She was one of the WORST Secretaries of State EVER. But not in Obama's opinion.

DEMOCRATS ARE NEVER HURT BY SCANDAL: Look at Marion Barry; he went to JAIL for his crimes, then came back and was elected mayor of Washington again. Then there’s Weiner, who showed his penis to the world, resigned from Congress, than ran for New York Mayor and was the FRONT-RUNNER until he did it again while running. There are too many Democrats doing the same thing for me to mention. One was a state Supreme Court Justice until he was impeached for corruption; then later he ran for Congress and was elected; and there he remains.

DAMN FOOL POLITICIANS: They aren’t just in the United States. They’re in Australia, too. Some politicians in Australia are calling for a boycott of the United States for tourism because of the killing by a couple of misguided racist black thugs with long criminal records. As if the entire country were responsible for the actions of a couple of racist young fools. Maybe the next time somebody kills an American in Australia, we should boycott Australia, too. Sheesh!

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