Thursday, August 22, 2013

Patraeus Helped In His Own Downfall

The liberals wanted his head because he supported Bush’s efforts in Iraq and actually made it work. They cast about looking for SOMETHING, anything they could use to ruin this military hero—and they found it with the help of a woman who didn’t like him and revealed his “illicit affair” that caused him to resign as head of the CIA. That’s because he was not a liberal. Liberals can do that and it’s a resume enhancement. But not non-liberals.

BIG HIT ON CAUFFMAN: The “climate swindlers” have now targeted Congressman Cauffman in their effort to legitimize AlGore’s climate change swindle. They say to tell him to “Stop denying climate change” as if it were true. They say he says, there’s nothing to worry about as if that was wrong. It’s not. Climate change is CYCLICAL. The climate cools and warms in CYCLES. Nothing you or I can do will make ANY changes, warm OR cool. They say he “denies climate science.” He is right to do so. “Climate science” is NOT “science, it is “junk science, and 98% of scientists DO NOT agree with their position. Besides: “science” is not subject to a vote.

“CUZ’ WE WERE BORED”: Two black thugs and one white one were sitting on their porch the other day talking about how bored they were. A white guy walked by; somebody they didn’t even know. But they were bored. So they looked at one another and said, “Why don’t we kill that white guy?” So they did; two blacks and one white KILL an innocent man who just walked by their porch and NOBODY in the press even SUGGESTS it might be a racist thing. Talk about media irresponsibility and malpractice!

HE’S NOT AN “INNOCENT KID”: The guy who shot and killed an Australian citizen because he “was bored” cannot be painted as “an innocent lid,” as Trayvon Martin was painted when he was shot to death by the man he was trying to beat to death because he was “following him.” This guy, who IDOLIZED rappers and listened all the time to their diatribes about “killing whitey” while also idolizing members of the “Crips,” a youth criminal gang. Maybe he was even a member, or a member wanna-be;  maybe this was an initiating killingI don’t know. But the media isn’t interested and an Australian politician ignores the fact that there was no way this kid could legally OWN a gun, whatever our gun laws say.

WHAT PART DOESN’T HE UNDERSTAND? What part of “can’t afford it” does Obama not understand? I’ve never had any health insurance because I’ve never been able to afford it. Does this fool really believe that making a law REQUIRING me to buy it will suddenly cause me to be able to afford it? He can levy fines (taxes for non-compliance) all he wants, but there’s no money there to collect. It’s not there. You can’t get blood out of a stone. All it does is make the stone mad.

“WE’LL RUN OUT OF MONEY”: That fool in the White House actually said recently that “Soon this country will run out of money.” The first thing I’ve heard him say that is not a lie. But he’s a little behind the times; we’ve ALREADY run out of money, which is why the Fed is printing “funny money” (Money without anything valuable behind it; otherwise called “counterfeiting, but when Obama does it, it’s called “Quantitative Easing”).

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