Monday, August 19, 2013

How Things Change

I remember a time when a gay person could be arrested and put in jail, just for being gay (I don’t say that was a GOOD thing but it was a fact). Now a Texas councilman and a lot of other politicians are getting in career trouble for expressing an “anti-gay” opinion. What ever happened to our right to express ANY opinion we wished, even if it did “offend” somebody?

BUT “GOD IS DEAD” IS OKAY: A politician can get in all kinds of trouble for just SAYING something against being gay. But not for saying something against the religion that is the biggest one in this country. What has happened to our PRIORITIES? We’re not allowed to even say something COMPLIMENTARY about the false “Prophet” of Islam but anybody, anywhere, can say anything they want about OUR religion with impunity, it seems.

“NO CREDIBILITY”: Arizona Senator and failed presidential candidate John McCain says we “have no credibility in the Middle East.” Maybe somebody needs to tell this turncoat fool that HE has no credibility in the United States, or anywhere. Personally, I think he is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s but people refuse to see the obvious until it is as plain as the nose on their faces. He needs to retire and go home before he screws up something BIG, if he hasn’t, already.

BECKEL SHOWS HE’S A FOOL AGAIN: Bob Beckel, one of the “stars” of Fox’s “The Five,” says “We need to move on from 9/11.” What? Is this guy addled? I know he is a fool just by listening to him spout his fool ideas. Almost as much of a fool as is Alan Colmes. But I didn’t know he was that much of a fool. “Move on” from 9/11? Only fools think that. Fools and our enemies, who WISH we’d “move on” from the murder of more than 3,000 innocent people by religious fanatics. Bob, go back to obscurity where you belong. Back to your “ivory tower.”

GIVING RUSH HELL FOR BEING RICH: You’d think people like Hillary Clinton (who herself is rich, mostly on government money and book advances) and Caroline Kennedy, who was BORN rich and doesn’t know how to work for a living are giving Rush Limbaugh hell for EARNING himself rich. You’d think they’d know better than to attack Limbaugh with such a specious attack. He’ll “eat them alive!”

THE “LIMBAUGH FAD”: They said Rush Limbaugh was just a “fad.” That he wouldn’t last more than three years. They kept saying it, adjusting their numbers upward, until 25 years went by and he just kept getting bigger and bigger. A couple of weeks ago, when he was involved in contract talks, Politico said he was “finished.” That his biggest distributor was going to drop him AND Hannity. Then more recently they had to print a retraction. They just don’t understand that he’s bigger than those distributors and if they did, he could start his own distribution company. And would.

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