Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Embassy Threats

Obama closed our embassies in the Middle East because of an “unspecified threat” from terrorists. What? I thought the terrorist threat was OVER! Obama SAID so! If we can’t believe our exalted PRESIDENT, who CAN we believe? (Chuckle, chuckle) Fact is, our complete LACK of any kind of punitive action for the Benghazi killings has told the terrorists we’re WIMPS. So now they’ll attack our embassies all over the world. Obama is a frightened little man who doesn’t know any other way to handle strife except to cower in our embassies until the “bad guys” go away. (Update: he has now "filed sealed charges" against certain people to make us THINK he's doing something, just before the election. Surprise, surprise!)

OBAMA’S WAR ON ENERGY: He has already promised to “bankrupt the coal industry” and is working hard to do just that. It is becoming harder and harder for the coal industry to operate; and as it goes, so does the electricity industry, and our way of living. If Obama is successful, we will have attained one of the liberals’ fondest wishes: going back to living like they did 100 years ago; using candles for light, dying early because of lack of competent medical care, and working “from dawn to dusk,” just to survive and being tired all the time. Forget computers. Only the government will be able to afford them, and have the electricity to use them (us, anyway, since they always find a way to exempt themselves from the rules they impose on us).

NEARING A REVOLUTION: England pushed us too far when they tried to take away our guns. We revolted, and ultimately “whupped their butts.” Obama and his Congress ought to take note of this. We’re not the “cowed” subjects of the King we were then (we’re now more used to freedom and will fight quicker), and it’s not going to take much more for us to “rise up” and tell Obama and his “gang of thieves” to just “go to hell.” The Founders thought we needed to have a revolution every once in a while, to stop the despots from taking over, and they were right. We’re about to that point, right now. For my part, I think we are way beyond it. If I were not so old and broken, I’d be leading one.

FIRST VICTIMS OF TYRANNY: Many people died as Vladmir Lenin came to power in Russia; likewise while Hitler came to power in Germany. There were many people who did not submit to his “new rules and regulations,” wrote and spoke out against them, and died when their thugs came to “neutralize them.” I expect to be one of the early victims of Obama’s “rise to power” because I will not only not submit, I will continue to write and talk against him at every opportunity until he stops me. And you know what that means. Unless I die on my own first.

ALERT THE MEDIA! Black men shooting at one another accidentally WOUND 10-year-old girl in Far Rockaway, NY. Call Al Sharpton! Call Jesse Jackson. What? You say they’re not interested in blacks shooting at each other wounding a little girl because it doesn’t advance their agenda to whip up as much racism as they can so they can profit from it? Wow! Whodathunkit? Damn! If you can’t depend on such as Sharpie --er, Sharpton and Jackson, who CAN you depend on? (Tongue firmly in cheek, of course)

SUPPORTING THE TERRORISTS: Has Obama done ANYTHING to make the terrorists think we are to be feared if they attack any more of our embassies? No. A year has passed. Nothing has been done. One of the top terrorists involved was found sipping a latte' in a café by—not an “investigator,” but by a CNN reporter who INTERVIEWED him. The FBI has done NOTHING. All this does is tell the terrorists we are an “easy target” and they can attack us at will without repercussions; and they will, often, and with much bloodshed as long as Obama is there.

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