Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reid Pushes Racism Again

He said that he “hopes people will not be against Obama’s policies because of his race.” Which ignores the fact that we (not me) ELECTED him twice! If this was such a racist country, how could that possibly happen? In any case, he’s just as much white as he is black. But he prefers to be black because blacks today get “perks” out of being black. Reid is as racist as anyone I know of, and he thinks he isn’t. I judge people as individuals and I judge both these individuals as racist bigots who use race to their advantage.

THE MESS OBAMA INHERITED: I wish we were back in that “mess.” With gas at $1.89 (and liberals crying about it) and unemployment at 4.7% (They were whining abut that, too) and only  (ONLY!) $10 trillion dollars in debt. (Should I mention that liberal were whining about that, too?) Oh, for the “good old days” before Obama started screwing things up at an increasing rate every day.

DOG TRAVELS IN HIS OWN PLANE: Why does Obama send his dog to vacation spots in his own plane at amazing expense? Because his Muslim beliefs demand it. He only owns a dog because it’s a tradition for presidents to own a dog. He doesn’t like that dog much, but pretends to. I wonder how much extra and unnecessary cost is involved in sending an extra plane and the personnel required to send his dog on his own plane so he won’t have to be with him?

WHEN WE DO IT TO THEM: They just can’t stand it. Some time ago, while they were in the process of discrediting Sarah Palin, they had a “Slap Sarah” game going on the Internet. I bet it was a lot of fun, even if it was an insult to a good woman. But now they’re “jumping up and down” about the recently released “Slap Hillary” game. It really makes me laugh when they go bananas when we do the exact same things to them that they did to us in the past. We must be “getting to them.” Nancy Peelosi is raising hell about it.

CHARGING FOR AUTOGRAPHS: It amazes me how STUPID people can be. One football player is in trouble right now for CHARGING for his autograph. And he should be, But remember: more than four thousand people paid to get one! Anybody who would PAY for an autograph isn’t too smart; no smarter that that football player for charging for his.

HEADLESS BODY: They found a human head in Saudi Arabia. Then they found a headless body. Think those two cases are “connected?” Probably. But have you heard anything about it in the liberal media? Doubtful. They don’t talk about the atrocities the Islamic terrorists do. Why do I automatically think it is Islamic terrorists? Because that’s what they DO. They behead innocent people to make a political point and think that’s a “good thing.” Stupid!

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