Friday, August 23, 2013

I'll Ask It Again

“Why do we allow criminals to label those of us who don’t believe their criminal cons and react to it, trying to prove we’re not what they call us? AlGore’s “climate change” swindle (that has made him a mufti-billionaire) and was formerly known as “global warming” until we learned that the globe hasn’t been warming for at least 15 years is a patent swindle. Global cooling and warming is CYCLICAL. The globe warms and cools in CYCLES and man cannot affect it. But he calls us racists, homophobes, and supporters of Apartheid (and anything else he can think of) when we point that out and hurt his collections. That’s what all liberals do when they lose the argument.

BIG NEWS! THE EXPECTED HAPPENED: The Ft. Hood shooter, who “defended” himself in court without calling a single witness in his own behalf (maybe he couldn’t find any) was convicted on all counts after six hours of deliberation by the jury. Surprise, surprise! I just wonder what took them six hours, except for the fact that they needed to examine every aspect of every charge, which were numerous. Does anybody think he won’t get a death sentence? I’d be surprised if he doesn’t.

UNEMPLOYMENT WORSE THAN REPORTED? Ya think? If the numbers were reported accurately, the unemployment numbers would be nearer to 14%, rather than the 7% being touted. But as long as Obama is in charge of the release of the numbers, we’ll never know for sure. Obama is well known for “fiddling” all numbers to make himself look good, so you can’t depend on ANY numbers put out by this administration.

THEY FARTED IN HER FACE: Six protesters lined up next to a TV newswoman who was sitting down, minding her own business, not trying to interview them or anything, and dropped loud, putrid farts, right in her face. It was so bad, even the farters were holding their breath. I guess they were “making s statement” about newspeople. A close by cop said he couldn’t do anything about it (he didn't hang around).

Al Sharpie. . . er, uh, Sharpton, when asked why he wasn’t protesting the killing of that Australian baseball player by two black, and one white gangbangers who are addicted to rap stars’ raps about killing white people, love the Crips (a black gang), and who hate white people, according to their Facebook pages, said it was not about race, so he wouldn’t get into it. He’s LYING, as usual. It WAS about race. He won’t get into it because it involves blacks killing a white man and that doesn’t advance his agenda.

CALIFORNIA’S NEXT GOVERNOR: If what has happened to other Democrats who have gotten themselves involved in sex scandals is any example, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will probably be the next governor of California. Two men in New York lost their jobs over sex allegations and are now running for other offices—and they’re “front-runners.” So you guess what’s going to happen to Filner.

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