Monday, August 5, 2013

Worried About Beck's "Empire"

Politico is worried about how big Glenn Beck is getting while Obama rips us off every day for more trillions of dollars, which he spends on his frazzled ideas of what’s right to do and exempts his friends from the worst of it. Why is Politico so worried about this? It’s simple jealousy. They’ve been around longer and haven’t grown nearly as much as has Glenn. Maybe that should tell them something. Maybe Beck is telling more of the truth than they are. It’s obvious whenever I listen to his program that he is, and he IS “fearless.” He is my “canary.” When they “take him out,” I’ll know my time is coming.

“IT’S DELUSIONAL, INSANITY, DOOMED”: That’s one thing the left, AND the Islamists (a banned word but I don't care) say about John Kerry’s “peace initiative” in Israel. I don’t usually agree with the left, OR Islamists, but in this case. I have to. Talking to Islamic terrorists is futile, and Palestinians ARE Islamic terrorists. They kill people at random to “strike fear” in the hearts of their enemies, who are the Israelis. They have SWORN to “push Israel into the sea.”

“RUSSIA STABBED US IN THE BACK AGAIN”: That’s what representatives of the federal government say about Russia granting Edward Snowden “asylum.” How things change. We have granted many RUSSIANS asylum in the past and now it has turned around to where Russia is granting AMERICANS asylum. Are they really surprised that Russia would “stab us in the back” when they have done it time and time again in the past? Are our politicians really that stupid? Yes; they have proved they are.

“ONLY LEGITIMACY IS SHARIA”: That’s what Ayman al-Zawahiri (mass murderer and head of al-Qaida after the death of Osama bin-Laden) said. He says the coup in Egypt (which Obama insists isn’t a coup at all so he can get around the law and send Egypt our money) is proof that democracy doesn’t work and that the only legitimacy is Sharia Law WRONG!. He says Islamic rule cannot be imposed through the vote (because nobody wants it) and must be IMPOSED against people’s will. He doesn’t realize what he revealed by that, but he’s right. Intelligent people will NEVER vote Sharia Law into being. Zawahiri notwithstanding, Sharia Law is NOT ‘legitimate.”

SUCCESSFUL COACH FIRED FOR REFUSING TO ATTEND REQUIRED CHURCH: (Huff, puff!)  Scott Phillips led his school (East Memorial Christian Academy in Prattville, AL) to their first playoff appearance in many years—and got fired because he refused to go to the church his school demanded he attend. Frankly, they wouldn’t have had to fire me. I’d have told them to stick their job where they sat, barbs up, and gone to a school where they didn’t try to force me into their church. Who do they think they are, anyway?

TRYING TO STIFLE LIMBAUGH: Liberals are still trying to stifle Rush Limbaugh after 25 years of predicting (wrongly) his demise while he prospered. They used to just predict that he was a “flash in the pan” and wouldn’t last. When he lasted, they kept predicting his demise. It hasn’t happened. Now they’re putting out stories that his syndicator isn’t going to renew his contract (which would be the stupidest thing they ever did) and THAT will signal his demise. . . .Not! He’s big enough now he can start his own syndication company and tell them to “go to hell.” Which I’m sure he will do if they continue to refuse to renew his contract—and most--if not all-- of his stations will go with him.

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