Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tough Choice

Talk about “declaring your ignorance to the world!” John McCain says, “The choice between Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul would be a tough choice.” What? There couldn’t be MORE DIFFERENCE between Hillary Clinton (one of the best known socialist liberals) and Rand Paul (one of the best known conservative individualists). And he’s having trouble deciding between the two? What planet does he live on, anyway? And this fool actually thinks he’s smart enough to be president! He muzzled his best asset, Sarah Palin, and lost. I think McCain is senile and should retire.

WEINER WON’T QUIT: He says, “We don’t quit in New York City.” No, we don’t; even in the face of certain failure. Just keep “plugging along,” telling voters how much he doesn’t care what they think. But he won’t quit sending out pictures of his dingus, either. He hopes maybe he can get some “action” that way while ignoring his sexy wife. What a fool. But we already have a fool for mayor of New York. What would change? But I think he’s too much, even for New Yorkers.

NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED: Rush Limbaugh has been doing his radio show for 25 years, and nothing much has changed. He has an audience of 25 million people and STILL not much has changed, except for the rise of other right-wing people out there such as Glenn Back, Sean Hannity, and such. He feels pretty helpless against the liberal media machine, even though we now have at least ONE network that does tell the truth, and both sides. That’s the only thing that has happened, and MAY help “turn the tide” some day.

DETROIT IS A DEMOCRAT PETRI DISH: If you want to know why Detroit is bankrupt, look to the Democrats. This should tell you why the country is failing too, because they are also doing what Democrats (liberals) think is the way to run things—and they’re wrong. They think socialism is the way to go. So they STEAL from those able to earn and give that stolen (in many different forms) to those who don’t, or won’t Look at their welfare figures and the lavish retirement benefits they give to people who no longer work and their bankruptcy becomes very predictable.

DON’T TAKE ADVICE FROM THE ENEMY: Democrats keep telling Republicans that they should aim only for the 20% who are “independent” in any election, ignoring the 40% that WILL vote for them—they’re a “lock”—and the 40% who WILL vote for Democrats, concentrating on the 20% who haven’t made up their minds yet, and not CRITICIZING Obama and other Democrats, against their advice. Advice that has caused the Republicans to loset almost every election in the last 50 or more years. The Republicans fall for it, thinking the Democrats WANT them to win elections (which couldn’t be further from the truth). It’s time they stopped taking advice from their enemies.

WE’RE OUT OF MONEY:  He doesn’t even have enough to pay for white House tours because of the sequester. So why is Obama spending another million dollars on another vacation while sending $400 million to Islamic terrorists in Syria? This guy is such a fool he doesn’t think we notice things like that while he attempts to fool us on the economy and about the sequester. I think it is that he just doesn’t care what we think.

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