Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another British Soldier Beheaded

By—guess who?—An Islamic terrorist. Surprise, surprise! Another worthwhile person MURDERED by a WORTHLESS PERSON. Why do we suffer these people to live among us? Even Muslims who don’t behead innocent people make trouble for us. They insist we give them special privileges at work, including PAYING them for the time they spend “praying” five times a day. They demand special dress privileges, insisting we allow them to wear their headdresses while no such rights exist for others. It’s time we realized their “religion” is not a religion at all, but is a political system MASQUERADING as one.

IT’S NOT RACISM WHEN THEY’RE TRYING TO KILL YOU: Islam has made up a phony word (Islamphobia) for people who don’t like Muslims, saying, “All Muslims are not terrorists. But all terrorists seem to BE Muslims; and Muslims are easy to pick out with their head scarves for women and their little “toppers” for men. They think we should not dislike their very presence in our neighborhoods with their insensitive actions. But we do, even though some still do hide it. Me, I refuse to suffer fools gladly, even if they make up phony words to make it seem like my dislike for them is, somehow, a mental aberration. What FOOLS they be!

AMERICAN MISSILES? Where are those Islamic terrorist FOOLS getting American-made missiles? They have been found in several attacks recently. Do they get them from Obama’s “gun-running?” Is Obama FACILITATING Islamic terrorist attacks by sending them guns and other arms in secret? Is Obama PART of the Islamic terrorist bunch beheading people in the street? Why does he REFUSE to call Muslim attacks where the attacker screams, “Allahu Akbar!” as he murders innocents? Something’s wrong here. We need to investigate.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THERE IS NO MONEY? I had trouble sleeping last night, thinking about various scenarios where money is worthless and what will happen then. What happens when you go to a restaurant and there are no cooks and no waiters or waitresses because the restaurants can’t afford to pay them? Are we approaching a time when it takes a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread? Don’t think we’re getting there? Pay some attention to what’s happening today. We ARE “Getting there!” think about it: gas has gone from less that $2 a gallon to almost $5.00 a gallon, just since Obama took office.

MURDERED BY RELEASED ISLAMICS: Israel is releasing Palestinian prisoners under pressure of the Obama administration as a condition for talks (which are useless) to begin with. So they go out and murder people as soon as they get out, using axes, rods, and such, in one case chopping off a victim’s ears. Why do we bother? “Talks” between Palestinians and Jews never come up with anything constructive. All we do is give THEM concession after concession and they murder our people. Why don’t we just let Israel kill them all? They have the ability. They proved it in the "Six Day War."

ISRAEL DOESN’T DENY IT: Islamic terrorists (who daily shell innocent Israel homes) are complaining about an Israeli drone attack that killed four militants in a “cross-border attack.” What? Do they really think they can attack Israel at will without retaliation? Those four Palestinian terrorists killed are just four fewer killers who can kill Israelis. They’re at war, people! It’s time people realized that and quit taking seriously Palestinian complaints.

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